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Overview:  The disabled and special needs populations seeking affordable housing is surging with the return of disabled war veterans, seniors living longer with the complications of aging, and a coming-of-age generation born with autism.

Talking Points
1)  Housing is healthcare.  Safe, affordable housing provides stability in personal healthcare routines.
2) Supportive housing is the solution. Affordable housing for people of all ages with special needs provides access to wellness programs, community structure, and centralized, coordinated resources that make for a happier lifestyle.

1) Share your own story. Talking from your own personal experience is powerful. Keep your story to under three minutes.
2) Share the facts, not the argument. Let the data support your story.
3) Appeal to your neighbors. You have raised your children, paid taxes, and made friends in this town. You want to continue to live where you’ve established your roots over the decades, despite physical and mental challenges.

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