RDAC logo: Rural Development Advisory Corp.In April 2015, RUPCO and Orange County Rural Development Advisory Corp. (RDAC) joined forces to continuing providing homeowner services in Orange County. RDAC, with a 30+-year reputation for helping people across a broad spectrum of housing services specializes in homeownership preservation, homebuyer education, and energy efficiency.

Together, RUPCO and RDAC will strategically serve Hudson Valley homeowners by combining their reputations, counselor expertise and funding for the benefit of those they serve. RDAC is now a subsidiary of RUPCO, the region’s leading provider and advocate of quality, affordable housing and community development programs aimed to provide opportunity and revitalize communities in Hudson Valley. With over 30 years’ experience, RDAC has rehabilitated or constructed more than 1,000 housing units in Orange County. Since 1983, RDAC has been instrumental in assisting thousands of residents to obtain financing, mortgage restructuring and services to remain in existing homes or apartments. RDAC, which assists locally employed households and senior citizens, administers various state and federal housing grant programs and offers counseling services. For additional information, visit www.ocrdac.org.

The RDAC office is located at 2 South Montgomery Street, Walden, NY 12586; office phone 845-713-4568 and fax number 845-713-4817.

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