Famille 2 enfants devant la maisonIs homeownership right for you? 

RUPCO is administering $350,000 in funding on behalf of the City of Kingston for first-time homebuyers within the City limits.

But to qualify for this program (and possibly others), you need to attend RUPCO’s HomeOwnership Center‘s first-time homebuyer workshops. If you are considering a house purchase in 2015, within or outside the City Limits, attend a one-hour orientation at The Kirkland, 2 Main Street, Kingston, at 6 p.m. Find a date on our schedule and register online  or call (845) 331-2140, ext. 220 for more information.

Two additional three-hour classes prepare you for the home purchase process. Many grants are available to cover expenses associated with down payments, closing costs, and post-closing rehabilitation. Get the answers you need to make the jump to homeownership in 2015.

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