The Ulster County Continuum of Care (UCCoC) announces the availability of funds through HUD’s Continuum of Care annual competition. Ulster County receives over $1.2 million annually through the U.S. government’s Housing & Urban Development (HUD) Continuum of Care (CoC) Program.

“This funding comes with very specific criteria and eligibility,” says Kathy Germain, the grant collaborative applicant of the UCCoC who submits the annual application. “Interested agencies serving homeless with a disability should contact me first to help determine if it meets the HUD eligibility requirements.”

Projects must fall into one of two categories. First, a project can create new permanent supportive housing projects that serve 100% chronically homeless individuals and families as defined by HUD. The second project focus creates new rapid rehousing projects that serve homeless individuals and families coming directly from the streets or emergency shelters, including people and their families fleeing domestic violence situations and others meeting the criteria of HUD’s definition of homelessness.

Funding available for Ulster County this year totals $56,638. This amount represents 5% of UCCOC’s pro rata share as determined by HUD.  “Ulster County applies for this funding each year and has received funding since 2004 under this particular program,” adds Germain. “Most project applications are renewals as this funding supports very specific housing or support services for homeless individuals with a disabling condition. The UCCoC is working together to address the need of Kingston and Ulster County’s most vulnerable populations and to reduce the incidence of people and their families facing housing crisis.”

Any agency interested in applying for this funding should contact Kathy Germain at RUPCO, the Collaborative Applicant at or (845) 331-9860 to discuss pre-application project concepts and eligibility. Applications are due August 9, 2016.

The Ulster County Continuum of Care (UCCC) is a coalition of 40-plus agencies, local government offices and faith-based organizations that assist in ensuring homeless services and housing are available in Ulster County.

The Ulster County Housing Consortium exists to promote the goal of ending homelessness in Ulster County by building an effective centralized intake and assessment system, evaluating homeless data to determine the need to reduce homelessness, providing services that increase stabilization of individuals and families, monitoring progress of existing programs and services for homeless, and advocating for funding to promote decent, safe, affordable housing for all.

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