We are entrepreneurial in our approach to housing and community development, working broadly in different “business lines” to identify needs and help meet them. The funds to do our work come from many different sources including, but not limited to:

  • fees we charge for services we render
  • rents paid on apartments we own
  • government and foundation grants
  • corporate sponsorships
  • individual donations
  • private equity and mortgages
  • fundraising activities and events

Our Programs: The depth and breadth of RUPCO’s programs reflect our mission to impact and transform communities as a whole. We identify and anticipate the changing needs of the communities we serve and adapt programs, services and available funding whenever possible to serve this need.

Our Stability: With over 36 years of experience, RUPCO has achieved success through careful analysis of our projects, prudent use of resources, attentive management of our properties and operations, and adaptation of our programs to meet the needs of our clients. We carefully maintain a positive cash flow within our annual and capital budgets, allowing us the agility to address new opportunities and respond to community needs.

Among the funders supplying resources for the work we do:

Our National Partners

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