For 40 years, our work has been guided by the belief that creating solid, sustainable housing opportunities for people at all income levels leads to greater business and economic development and stronger and safer communities. Over the past year, we’ve been reminded that safe, affordable, quality housing also saves lives.

COVID-19 has affected everyone in some way, but for many of our neighbors the virus has been devastating – worsening long-existing disparities in income, housing, healthcare, and equitable access to opportunities to thrive. Your support of our mission is more important than ever.

Throughout 2020, we overcame unforeseen challenges to provide the level of service and assistance that our community deserves. While COVID-19 surged across the region, we ensured our tenants received the support they needed to stay safe, healthy, and connected to others. We adapted our programs and services to reach people through virtual meetings and events, social media, and care packages. We’ve continued to uplift our community by Building For Everyone.

As we look ahead at 2021, our 40th Anniversary, we are energized and optimistic about moving forward with development initiatives and services that will genuinely improve many people’s lives in our area. Below is this year’s corporate sponsorship offering. Each year, we try to provide a range of options for businesses to invest in our organization, as well as a variety of opportunities for us to express our gratitude. We take pride in acknowledging and providing visibility to companies like yours that believe in us and share our values and commitment to lead the creation of stronger communities for all of us.

Thank you for supporting our work. Together, we will continue the mission that began four decades ago: to create homes, support people, and improve communities.

Local partners align their values and customer base with ours through sponsorships. This funding allows us to continue the work at hand, Building for Everyone. If you are interested in joining as 2021 Corporate Sponsor or 2021 HomeOwnership Sponsor

If you would like additional information about supporting one of our annual events, contact our Communications & Resource Development Department.

RUPCO events, Programs & Services Sponsors


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HomeOwnership Center Sponsors


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For questions or to get additional sponsorship information, please contact Rachel Tantillo, Communications Coordinator, 845-331-2140 ext. 267

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