RUPCO staff group on June 6, 2016 at The Lace Mill, 165 Cornell Street, Kingston


RUPCO is led by a dedicated and diverse volunteer board of directors and advisory council who, in combination with our team of committed, long-standing employees, possess an unparalleled spirit of service and passion for helping those we serve. They are individually committed to our mission, to providing personalized client service and to staying on the leading edge of industry trends and practices.

We understand the true value buildings have to our community – as the foundation of success for economic development and as more than just a roof overhead for people. We work tirelessly toward the transformation of communities and the betterment of people through quality housing, sustainable development and impactful programs.

We share common beliefs in enduring principles that inform our work:

  • Everyone deserves quality, healthy and sustainable housing at an affordable price
  • Communities thrive when there is diversity in their economic make-up and housing stock
  • Housing is a critical component of effective economic development and open space policy
  • There is a proven connection between creation of stable housing and the positive impact on jobs, education, health, the economy, public safety, and other important facets of American life.

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