Give Housing a Voice artworkWe believe Housing is a broad continuum: everybody’s on it, somewhere. You might find yourself on that line at different times in your life. Depending on that point in time, you could be homeless, under-housed, housing-cost burdened, downsizing, transitioning, adequately housed, or set for life.

In New York State, every town has the right to determine what affordable housing models work best for that community. “Give Housing a Voice” is an awareness-advocacy campaign centered on the importance of affordable housing and empowers people to make change happen through community development.

We’ve compiled talking points, resources and  strategies to help you “address the challenge, to affect and support affordable housing in your town. In essence, we’re working together to “Give Housing a Voice.” Engage in intelligent conversation about affordable housing. With compelling facts and statements, you can forward housing options and planning in your community. Click on the below group that most closely reflects your viewpoint and access the toolkit assembled for your use.

Homeowners                                                      Renters

Seniors                                                                  Students & Teachers

Veterans                                                               Businesses & Employers

The Disabled/Special Needs                          Homeless Persons

Community Leaders                                         Elected Officials & Planners

Maybe you’re a senior looking for affordable housing on a fixed income? You can direct the addtion of affordable housing to your town’s housing stock.

Maybe you’re a town supervisor ready to raise the conversation about a new project in your community? You can bring resources to the table and establish a task force.

Or perhaps you’re like Tamara Cooper? You can share your personal experience with others and put your voice, and face, to the cause of affordable housing. For the story behind Give Housing a Voice, Tamara Cooper and the artwork commissioned to commemorate the Woodstock Commons town meetings, click here.

“Home Matters” to all of us. Give Housing a Voice.

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