floral design by amelia leon“I’m a 24 year old designer and artist. I am currently a senior at SUNY New Paltz, where I will be graduating with a Graphic Design B.F.A. in May 2016. I also have Textile & Surface Design A.S. from the Fashion Institute of Technology, which I completed in May 2013. I’m interested in the world around me. I enjoy art and design history, and history in general. I’m also increasingly interested in learning more about the flora and fauna of our region.

I spend the majority of my time on the computer playing with type, but I make an effort to draw every day. The most frequent themes are letterforms and words, flowers/plants, my environment, etc. These drawings end up either being finished on the computer or if I’ve got my way, painted by hand (and possibly in pattern). My parents have always encouraged my interests and goals. I am blessed to have a family that inspires and motivates me. All the people I love influence me to work hard and to spend my time wisely.

My philosophy is to make bright, beautiful things, things that make one feel happy. Still, I am trying to find a path for myself that intersects art and design. I value utility almost as much as aesthetics. I am the king of my own castle for the first time in my life. And within a single month of living at the Lace Mill, I’ve done more art-making than I have in the last six months. I feel inspired and focused.”



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