Lace Mill artist Autumn Pond

I won my first accolade at the age of five with a finger painting of a clown, fishing off of a pier with the worm and the hook both clearly depicted. I have worked in every medium I could get my hands on since, from clay and papier-mâché to watercolor, acrylic, oil, and spray paint. As a young adult, I offered my services to the world as a “multimedia artist specializing in art for reproduction.” This led to designing posters, banners, fliers, brochures, tattoos, band logos, and drum skins. Eventually, I became a paid studio assistant to a sculptor, a landscape oil painter, graphic artist and a fabric artist specializing in Marbling and tie dyeing.

I am now a Cornell Cooperative Master Gardener volunteer and a second-degree Reiki practitioner and involved with Healthcare Is a Human Right. As an herbalist studying for my A.S.S. degree in Complementary Alternative Medicine, I have found a passion for what I affectionately call the “healing arts” (which really means using art, “the arts” and creative expression as a vehicle for mental, physical and spiritual healing).


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