Barbara Schacker headshot “Although I majored in Fine Arts in college, my life path didn’t allow art to be my main career. In 1970, a piece of mine was included in the student section of the Venice Biennale.  However, I never really found my artistic path in college and so didn’t paint until several years later.  Instead, I became a librarian and learned how to play the fiddle. (I love books and music, too!)

Five years later, I moved to North San Juan, California—a sister town to Woodstock in the Sierra Nevada Mountains–and found my true teacher, Jacquie Bellon, an extraordinary watercolor artist. I would not be an artist today if Jacquie hadn’t “saved” me.  With her Zen-like way of teaching, I first learned to slow down and really “see” what is right in front of me or then, to not just see, but to simply “feel” what I feel inside and let my imagination play it out in my own way.  The non-critical atmosphere was just what I needed to break free.  “Just doing this” allowed me to discover my own intrinsic aesthetic—my own look and feel.  In this show, you will see my fourth watercolor painting, “Verbena and Feverfew” from a small portion of Jacquie’s beautiful wild backyard overlooking the Yuba River canyon.

Lupine Meadow watercolor by Barbara SchackerMy style has developed over the years but is strongly tied to the place where I live. When I moved to Woodstock in 1995, everything changed.  I remember sitting down to blank paper and not having any idea what I wanted to paint.  I decided to just fill the space.  That first painting, “Ancient Mountain Portal” is in this show also.  It showed at WAAM and in an article in the Woodstock Times.  Living here, my painting has become more intuitive and emotional, ranging from moody semi-abstract to dreamlike realism.  Most of my landscapes are done from memory which forces me to “dream” the picture instead of doing it methodically.

Barbara-Schacker-art-exhibit-half-page-flyer500x758Yet, with all these changes and my eclectic tastes, one thing remains constant—my deep connection and passionate love of Nature. This show is a retrospective of my work in four mediums from the 70’s to the present.  It includes painting, mixed media, photography and sculpture.”

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