Watch this short video to hear how RUPCO is Building Parks and Rec.



Amount paid through 2019 by RUPCO in recreational fees for its residential development campuses in the City on Kingston.

Recreational Impact Fees Paid

RUPCO will pay a one-time “recreation fee” of $186,000 (currently $3,000 per unit, after the first four units) for Landmark Place to the City of Kingston. It should be noted that commercial projects DO NOT pay recreation fees, ONLY housing projects pay recreation fees. RUPCO paid $102,000 for the Lace Mill (2013) and $106,000 for Energy Square (2018). When Landmark Place is added to the cumulative total of recent fees paid for parks, RUPCO will have paid $402,000 in recreation fees to the City of Kingston which are dedicated to fund the development or improvement to City parks

We’re also donating a baseball field!  Another way RUPCO is Building for Everyone.

Building Community

Building for Everyone

Building For Seniors