image of people at staff holiday party


We believe that achieving our vision for strong, vibrant communities with opportunity and a home for everyone requires a vibrant and diverse work force. We work intentionally to achieve a good balance of diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our operation from staffing to delivering services to spending the program dollars available to us.

At RUPCO, diversity describes the way we look, think and act and how we are perceived. Diversity is an attribute of every individual. Inclusion is the act of valuing and supporting others in ways that encourage engagement and help others reach their full potential. Diversity is who we are and inclusion is how we function. Diversity is the mix and inclusion is getting the mix to work well together.

We share a vision of a diverse and inclusive organization, and we equitably provide opportunities to help people realize their potential.

As employers, we believe that the services our staff members perform should be compensated appropriately and the environment in which they work should be supportive and uplifting. To that end, we offer every employee at the agency the following:

  • Salary commensurate with work duties and a 35-hour work week
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance available
  • A retirement plan in which we match the employee investment, up to 3% of the employee’s annual salary
  • Each employee is invited to at least two company-wide luncheon celebrations a year at local restaurants or parks
  • All employees are encouraged to pursue on-the-job training and classes to advance their careers
  • We have 12 paid holidays a year and generous sick, vacation and personal time-off benefits
  • Job advancement is encouraged and new job opportunities are posted in-house, as well as externally

When job openings occur, they are posted here, posted at and as well as advertised in a wide variety of other media outlets and channels that insure that those least likely to apply are offered the opportunity to do so. If you are looking for employment, check back here early and often.