City of Kingston & RUPCO Promote Homeownership

Famille 2 enfants devant la maisonIs homeownership right for you? 

RUPCO is administering $350,000 in funding on behalf of the City of Kingston for first-time homebuyers within the City limits.

But to qualify for this program (and possibly others), you need to attend RUPCO’s HomeOwnership Center‘s first-time homebuyer workshops. If you are considering a house purchase in 2015, within or outside the City Limits, attend a one-hour orientation at The Kirkland, 2 Main Street, Kingston, at 6 p.m. Find a date on our schedule and register online  or call (845) 331-2140, ext. 220 for more information.

Two additional three-hour classes prepare you for the home purchase process. Many grants are available to cover expenses associated with down payments, closing costs, and post-closing rehabilitation. Get the answers you need to make the jump to homeownership in 2015.

Give Because Home Matters…

If you believe “Home Matters;” if you believe it’s important to have a place to hang your hat; if you believe in having a place to call “Home,” donate online today!

RUPCO’s New Name

After nearly 33 years of service to Ulster County and the greater Hudson Valley region, Rural Ulster Preservation Corporation ceased to exist this year when the agency officially changed its name to RUPCO, Inc. The region’s leading provider and advocate of quality, affordable housing and community development programs aimed at providing opportunities and revitalizing communities announced the name change earlier this year. But with a new website due to roll out next month, the process of changing over to the name most people actually use is nearly complete.

“The breadth and depth of this agency’s work has expanded dramatically during the last five years,” said RUPCO CEO Kevin O’Connor. Noting that the agency which started in Ulster County, now does work in 10 different counties, O’Connor added “this change in our name represents new work, new thinking, new areas covered. We are looking forward and are excited about the future,” he added, “and changing our name reflects that mindset.”
Board Chairperson James Childs reflected on the long and detailed process the organization used to decide on a name change. “The best time to develop the perfect name for any organization is at the beginning of its life, before others start defining you.” He went on to say that “when you’re expanding significantly after a run of more than 30 great years, it is much harder, and perhaps more important, to land on the name that is right.”

O’Connor noted that the process of deciding to abbreviate its name involved a significant body of research with all stakeholder groups. “When you have spent more than three decades establishing a name for yourself, and building a great reputation under that banner,” said O’Connor, “changing it is not an easy decision.” He said that board, staff, clients, funders, and community leaders were surveyed, and many participated in focus groups to determine if the name should be changed – and if so, what it should become.

“Our reality is that nearly everyone we heard from already thinks of us as RUPCO,” said O’Connor. “Further,” he added, “people associate the name ‘RUPCO’ with an affordable housing mission and with doing good work in communities.” When RUPCO opened its office in Greene County in 2012, it was readily apparent that having Ulster in the name would be confusing to Greene County clients. So a new logo was developed and deployed. “From day one in Greene County, we were RUPCO,” said O’Connor. No one ever asked what the letters ‘stood for’ all they asked was if we could help them.
For more than 30 years, RUPCO has led the region in creating and maintaining quality, sustainable housing and rental opportunities, inspiring understanding and acceptance of affordable housing initiatives, fostering community development and revitalization, and providing opportunity to people to improve their living standards.  “We will continue to strengthen homes, communities and lives under our new and simplified name,” said O’Connor, and look forward to rolling out our new website and expanding our other communication activities under the new name. “