Career Opportunity: Grant Writer/Administrator

This part time position (between 21-24 hours) will be responsible to facilitate committees, coordinate required activities leading to the annual grant submission of the HUD Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance Program for Ulster County.  The position will report to and be supported by the Vice President of Housing Services.  Additionally, this position will provide grant writing support and administration for other programs as needed. 

 Position Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate and coordinate the work of the Ulster County Continuum of Care (CoC) committees and working groups.
  • Handle required activities associated with the annual grant submission to HUD’s Continuum of Care Homeless Assistance Program
  • Provide monitoring of HUD funded programs
  • Assist in supporting the Coordinated Entry System data base for homeless persons.
  • Assist VP of Housing Services to prepare and submit HUD CoC annual application.
  • Responsible for documentation and recordkeeping for the Ulster County Continuum of Care

Required Knowledge, Skills, Education and Experience

  •  Strong organizational  and computer skills
  •  Grant Writing
  •  Excellent communication skills: written and oral
  • Understanding of human services and community based organizations that serve homeless
  • Ability to coordinate and engage a variety of stakeholders
  • Facilitation of meetings
  • Research skills to understand HUD Continuum of Care and other programs
  • Minutes and Recordkeeping

Please submit notice of interest for this position to by no later than Friday, September 14th at 12:00 pm

Career Opportunity: Housing Choice Voucher Specialist CATSKILL OFFICE

The Housing Choice Voucher Specialist will work collaboratively with the Senior HCV Specialist in the Catskill Office to administer the Section 8 – HCV Program.  This full time position has duties which will work within the program rules and apply those rules to the voucher participants assigned to them.  The HCV Specialist will perform a variety of duties such as:

Position Responsibilities:

  1. Manage a caseload comprised of households who may be elderly, disabled, handicapped or families with children
  2. Interviewing potential candidates for program and articulating the program requirements
  3. Determining a families eligibility for the program
  4. Conducting annual and interim recertification’s and re-examinations related to income and program eligibility
  5. Work with voucher participants to maintain compliance with program
  6. Conduct apartment inspections as assigned or as needed
  7. Work collaboratively with landlords
  8. Make referrals for program participants when circumstances present themselves that may put the voucher in jeopardy.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Education and Experience

  • Enthusiastic and positive attitude
  • Able to work independently but also as part of the team in a fast paced environment
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong computer skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills: written and oral
  • Experience in a customer service environment
  • Tolerance and sensitivity to a diverse population
  • Strong work ethic

Please submit notice of interest for this position to by no later than Wednesday August 22, 2018 at 12:00pm

Career Opportunity: Property Manager – Prattsville, NY

The Property Manager will provide administrative and clerical support for RUPCO’s Property Management Department.  In conjunction with the Director of Property Management, the Property Manager is responsible for assisting with the day-to-day operations for The Mews at Prattsville located in Prattsville, NY.  This is a part -time position (21-hour work week) with duties which may include, but are not limited to:

Position Responsibilities:

  1. Answer incoming phone calls and greet visitors and tenants.
  2. Management of rental apartments to include marketing, lease-up, rent and arrears collection, eviction process, and apartment inspections.
  3. Prepare and maintain files that provide information on buildings, taxes, utilities, contracts, vendors, emergency procedures, tenants and insurance.
  4. Review rent receivables monthly and resolve issues with tenants and finance department as assigned.
  5. Order office supplies and replenish as needed.
  6. Maintain tenant files in accordance to RUPCO procedure.
  7. Receive, enter, communicate and follow up on all Maintenance Requests.
  8. Provide ‘on-call’ after-hours coverage as scheduled or as needed.
  9. Maintain high quality standards with respect to occupancy and other property management indicators.
  10. Maintain compliance with all federal, state and local regulations and other mandated guidelines and policies relevant to property management and operations including safety and quality assurance as directed by Director of Property Management.
  11. Obtain ‘Tax Credit Compliance’ certification.
  12. Coordinate and organize periodic social events for the tenants.
  13. Act as a liaison to RUPCO Program Services staff and assist with identifying potential necessities of the special needs residents. Provide referral information to tenants for services and supports from community agencies. Prepare contact and communication notes for all support service related interaction.
  14. Additional duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Education and Experience

Must have high school diploma or equivalent and excellent verbal and written communication skills.  Must be able to work independently.  Must be proficient in computer use.  Verifiable prior clerical experience required. Experience in Property Management or Real Estate helpful.

Please submit letter of interest including summary of qualifications for this position to

Career Opportunity: Live-In Superintendent – Mews at Prattsville

The Live-In Superintendent reports directly to the Maintenance Supervisor of RUPCO, and is responsible for managing the day-to -ay maintenance of the intergenerational affordable housing development known as The Mews at Prattsville located in Prattsvile, NY. The Live-In Superintendent plays a key role in protecting, cleaning and maintaining buildings and ensuring the safety and comfort of its tenants. For many tenants, the Live-In Superintendent is RUPCO’s most visible representative. The Superintendent apartment is a 2-bedroom apartment with heat and hot water included. This is a part-time, live-in position with duties which may include, but are not limited to.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Conduct daily cleaning duties both inside and outside around the entire campus. Tasks will ensure common areas are clean and in good repair; emergency exits and fixtures are in working order; snow, garbage, and recycling is removed from designated areas; elevators, lobbies, walls, and windows are clean; and floors are maintained (i.e. swept, mopped, buffed, vacuumed, and cleaned).
  • Conduct emergency repairs or services as needed.  
  • Manage and monitor grounds to ensure that they are properly and safely maintained. Conduct a walking tour around the campus on a regular basis (daily/weekly) to monitor aesthetics of tenant areas and common spaces. 
  • Maintain grounds. This includes minor snow removal, clearing snow and ice from sidewalks. Overall landscaping: picking up trash, cutting grass, raking leaves and tending gardens, weeding, planting, etc.
  • Perform a wide variety of general maintenance tasks such as small areas of drywall repair, painting, appliance repair/replacement, diagnose mechanical, plumbing, electrical problems and to make repairs as appropriate. Liaison and manage vendor relations on various projects needed for work to be done outside of the scope of Superintendent ability.
  • Manage work order system to accomplish maintenance tasks. Accurate and timely completion of applicable reports (i.e. work orders, incident reports, etc.). Maintain maintenance files as required.
  • Serve as first responder to emergency calls from tenants and alarm company.
  • Act as a liaison to RUPCO Program Services staff and assist with identifying potential necessities of the special needs residents. Provide referral information to tenants for services and supports from community agencies.
  • Coordinate and organize periodic social events for the tenants in conjunction with the property manager.
  • Maintain compliance with all federal, state and local regulations and other mandated guidelines and policies relevant to property management and operations including safety and quality assurance.
  • Provide on-call, after-hours, and/or weekend duties as necessary and assigned.
  • Other general duties as designated.

Please submit letter of interest including summary of qualifications for this position to by Wednesday, August 8 at noon.

TMI Project True Storytelling Performance at Lace Mill, August 15

announcement for TMI Project Storytelling August 15, 2018RUPCO hosts its second true storytelling performance with the TMI Project on Wednesday, August 15 from 7 to 9 p.m. in The Lace Mill East Gallery, 165 Cornell Street, Kingston. 

Eight Lace Mill residents will share their personal journeys of discovery in this highly intimate exchange. Bring a friend and enjoy an evening of personal transformation through the medium of storytelling.

To view the November 2017 stories shared, click here. 

This event is free and open to the public.  Light refreshments will be served. Off-street parking is available on Prospect Street and South Manor Avenue.  Freewill donations support  The Lace Mill’s three galleries, artist receptions and public showings year-round. 

Why the “Making Affordable Housing Work Act of 2018” won’t work for most vulnerable

U.S. Capitol Building, Washington DCAt RUPCO, we certainly hope this legislation will not pass. The Housing Choice and Project Based Voucher programs, formerly known as Section 8, provide affordable housing to the most vulnerable people in our society. By statute, the program is limited to serving households earning less than 50% of the area median income (AMI) but 75% of the assistance must go to households earning less than 30% AMI. In Ulster County, those incomes limits are based on household size as follows:

Income Qualifications for Ulster County HUD Rental Assistance in Ulster County

Income               1 Person      2 Person     3 Person      4 Person      5 Person      6 Person     7 Person     8 Person
30% of Median  $16,650        $19,000        $21,400        $25,100        $29,420        $33,740        $38,060        $42,380
50% of Median  $27,750        $31,700        $35,650        $39,600        $42,800        $45,950        $49,150        $52,300

• A single person earning 30% AMI or $16,550, paying 30% of their income, would currently pay $416 per month toward their rent and utilities. If this figure was increased to 35% of their income, the rent their payment would increase to $485.

• A senior or disabled person living on the average Social Security Disability Income of $1,197 per month would see their monthly rent go up by $35 that pays for critically needed prescription drugs.

• A single Mom with two kids earning 50% AMI would see their rent payment go from $890 a month to $1,040, an increase of $150 every month. That is equivalent to a car payment to get to work, or a week’s worth of food for her children taken off the table or a big hit to a Mom’s ability to pay for child care.

Today, less than 1 in 4 low- and extremely low-income households in America that desperately need rental assistance receive it. Forty percent (40%) of homeless families are working and people receiving rental assistance that are not elderly or disabled are working too. The proposed changes in the Making Affordable Housing Work Act completely miss the mark and, if passed, would only serve to exacerbate the burdens and struggles of America’s most vulnerable households including seniors, the disabled, and working poor. Given the recent tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy – on top of the already regressive tax breaks provided to high income homeowners for mortgage interest, points and real estate taxes –the question becomes why supports for the bottom end of the income spectrum are being targeted.

RUPCO has been a leader in New York State in moving families through Section 8’s Family Self Sufficiency program and the Section 8 to Homeownership program. We also understand the struggle that those in the middle class face today and we urge consideration for programs that lift all boats by creating affordable housing, producing jobs and provide affordable, quality education, healthcare and access to healthy food. We urge considerations of programs that do not target the lowest income households for cuts but rather provide more opportunity such as the proposed Housing Choice Voucher Mobility Demonstration Act, recently passed by the House.

The House of Representatives passed the “Housing Choice Voucher Mobility Demonstration Act of 2018” (H.R. 5793) by a vote of 368-19 on July 10. Representatives Duffy (R-WI) and Cleaver (D-MO) of the House Financial Services Committee introduced the bill, which aims to further improve voucher mobility and help more Housing Choice Voucher households move to communities of their choice, such as areas with access to jobs with decent pay, good schools, transportation, and healthcare. The demonstration will enable HUD and public housing agencies to develop new models for improving voucher mobility as well as provide counseling to help voucher households move to areas of opportunity. The bill now moves to the Senate for consideration in committee. NLIHC supports H.R. 5793.  Learn more about the bill at:

Additionally, here are links to two of our most important annual housing reports that demonstrate the affordable housing crisis that exists today across our Country:

Kevin O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer, RUPCO

Career Opportunity: Care Manager – Multiple Properties & Programs

The Care Manager reports directly to the Director of Program Services.  This full-time position (35-hour work week) is responsible for providing support, guidance and referrals to tenants and clients in designated programs. 

A considerable amount of travel is a requirement of the position to assist clients with stabilizing their housing and achieving/maintaining their independent living. 

This full-time position has duties which may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Responsible for conducting an initial assessment as well as developing an individualized service plan to address whatever obstacle(s) the tenant/client is facing.
  2. Conduct screenings and intakes to qualify participants as applicable.
  3. Provide ongoing interaction and observation of client’s environment, general behavior, daily activities and interactions with others.
  4. Responsible to support participants in multiple properties as assigned.
  5. Make referrals and coordinate care plans with other service providers as needed or as appropriate.
  6. Provide activities for the tenants to promote socialization.
  7. Responsible to ensure confidentiality of client files.
  8. Responsible for all client data entry to document compliances and changes in household information in all applicable databases.
  9. Responsible for monthly contacts and input into all applicable databases.
  10. Responsible for timely return of phone follow-up with clients and providers.
  11. Provide transportation as needed to appointments or schedule transportation.
  12. Available to be flexible with work hours as business necessitates.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Education and Experience:

Must have good communication skills, excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work with diverse groups. Computer literacy and data entry experience. Must have current driver’s license and reliable vehicle for travel. BS/AS degree in human service-related field preferred.  In lieu of education, 2+ years of relevant case management experience will be considered.


Flexible, compassionate, creative, organized, motivated and a verifiable understanding of the services and resources available in the community. 

Please submit letter of interest including summary of qualifications for this position to

The Mews at Prattsville accepting applications for November 2018 move-in

Since Hurricane Irene’s record flooding in August 2011 which decimated downstream river communities throughout the region, Prattsville has been in flux, rebuilding slowly and steadily. Now, the community is finally seeing its master plan come to life. In the aftermath of the storm which washed away businesses, homes and hope in the hamlet of 700, the Town of Prattsville stood fast and conducted community planning sessions to set a vision for its future. Part of that community master plan involved the set-aside for rental housing for seniors and working families with modest incomes, The Mews at Prattsville.

Kearney Realty Group answered the call and, with funding from New York State Homes & Community Renewal, is currently constructing 45 new apartments just outside of town at 5456 Washington Street. The Mews at Prattsville offers a multigenerational housing development with 32 one-bedroom, 8 two-bedroom and 4 three-bedroom rentals available starting November 2018. Thirty-six apartments at The Mews at Prattsville (one rental is set aside for a resident superintendent) come with project-based HUD (U.S. Housing & Urban Development) rental assistance to help residents offset renting costs within this newly constructed, housing development. These apartments have a maximum household income limit of $23,650 for an individual and $27,000 for a couple. The affordable apartments without rental assistance have a maximum household income limit of $32,400 for a couple, $36,480 for three people and $40,500 for a household of four.

Your family Size              With rental assistance    Without rental Assistance               
1 person                             $23,650                               $28,230
2 person                             $27,000                               $32,400
3 person                             $30,400                               $36,480
4 person                             $33,750                               $40,500
5 person                             $36,450                               $43,740
6 person                             $39,150                               $46,980

“The Mews at Prattsville provides our aging neighbors the opportunity to live in the community they helped build,” notes Kevin O’Connor, Chief Executive Officer at RUPCO, the Hudson-Valley based community developer which will oversee the marketing, lease-up and management of The Mews post construction. “Opportunity also exists for eight families to enjoy affordable, townhome-style living in the heart of town. Prattsville is a community of opportunity. It provides opportunity for RUPCO to collaborate with Kearney Realty Group and NYS Homes & Community Renewal to bring Prattsville’s vision to fruition that in turn provides opportunity for local seniors and working families to find impeccable apartments at affordable rents right here in Greene County.” Amenities at The Mews include energy-efficient appliances, on-site superintendent, onsite laundry, activity room, playground and exercise area.

“We are proud to introduce this beautiful new affordable senior housing with eight town homes in The Town of Prattsville,” adds Ken Kearney, president of Kearny Realty & Development Group. ”This development along with the adjacent medical and community centers will provide necessary housing and services to the Prattsville area.”

NYS Homes and Community Renewal Commissioner RuthAnne Visnauskas said, “The Mews at Prattsville will provide a safe and sustainable home for seniors and families in Greene County.  As part of Governor Cuomo’s $20 billion, five-year Housing Plan, we are ensuring that all New York communities are built back stronger and more resilient by investing in affordable rental housing that will protect against severe weather.  We are excited to see applications open for The Mews at Prattsville, which will give about 100 prospective residents an opportunity to live, thrive and age in place in this new development.”

“We are accepting residential applications for the September 7th lottery. Applications received prior to September 5th will be eligible for the initial lottery but we will be accepting applications after that date,” adds Jake Michels, Director of Property Management at RUPCO. “We are eager to pre-qualify and confirm as many candidates as possible now, getting them ready to move-in quickly in November 2018. I encourage people to apply, and not to disqualify themselves prior to our review.” Applicants are encouraged to call (845) 331-2140 ext. 237 if they have questions or need a hard copy application mailed to them. Applications can also be downloaded online through or at

Accepting Applications for Rental Assistance in Greene County through August 31

Green-house-family-dog-HCV-Greene-County-voucher-graphic    green button, Haga click para descargar la Aplicación en Español para el Programa de Vales de Elección de Vivienda (Sección 8)    Bue button, Click here for Housnig Choice Voucher Program Section 8 application in English

The Wait List for the Housing Choice Voucher Program in Greene County is accepting applications now through Friday, August 31, 2018  at 4:30 p.m.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program provides rental assistance for families with modest incomes to enable them to choose and lease affordable, privately owned rental housing. RUPCO currently administers 262 vouchers in Greene County on behalf of NYS Homes & Community Renewal.

Deadline for application submission is August 31, 2018 at 4:30 p.m.
All applications must be mailed or hand-delivered to 175 Water Street, Catskill, NY 12414.
No faxed or emailed applications will be accepted.

Greene County Wait List applications are available in English and in Spanish (la Aplicación en Español ). If you need help filling out the application, visit RUPCO’s Greene County Office, 175 Water Street, Catskill on Tuesday or Thursday between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

A random drawing lottery determines applicant placement on the Wait List. Applicants will receive a notification letter confirming their status . Applicants may be on the Wait List 1-3 years before receiving  rental assistance through this program.  Veterans and their families are encouraged to apply.  Applicants living outside Greene County are required to live and use the Housing Choice Voucher in Greene County for the first 12-month cycle upon receiving the voucher.

All applications must be mailed or hand-delivered to RUPCO, 173 Street, Catskill, NY 12414 no later than August 31, 2018 at 4:30 p.m.

Equal Housing Opportunity logo black&white English

Igualdad de oportunidad logo negro y blanco en espanolaccessibility-logo-wheelchair rolling forward momentum


Lace Mill resident-artists host 8th Annual Bon-Odori Dance Festival For Peace, August 4

Bon Odori dancers, Japan Festival for Peace, AUgust 4, 2018The 8th Annual Bon-Odori Dance Festival For Peace takes place at Kingston Point Beach on Saturday, August 4 from noon to 8 p.m. at Kingston Point Beach. This Japanese festival tradition observes “Obon” from August 13-15, the Buddhist ritual of remembering and reconnecting with ancestors and family. Around that time, community members throughout Japan get together to celebrate “Obon” by dancing “Bon-Odori” together.

Youko Yamamoto, former owner of the authentic Japanese noodle restaurant, Gomen-Kudasai Noodle Escape in New Paltz and proprietor of soon to open Ramen Noodle shop in Kingston, started this traditional summer event in the Hudson Valley after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami resulted in the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant meltdown on March 11, 2011. She believes that similar disasters can happen anywhere, any day, and that nuclear energy is the most destructive creation in human history and that today radiation is the greatest threat to our daily lives. After the Fukushima meltdown, Yamamoto decided to start raising awareness of the dangers of radiation. Her unique idea was to popularize the peace movement as an entertaining dance event to make it easier to learn about the kind of harm that radiation can cause, why nuclear bombs should be banned, and what we can do to take a step toward a Nuclear-Free-Future.

Livia and Bill Vanaver, directors of the Vanaver Caravan Dance Company, believe that by dancing together we can provide communities with an opportunity and the energy to unite and set a life goal to build a peaceful future for generations to come. Yamamoto and the Vanavers encourage people to learn about alternative energies, moderate energy consumption, green lifestyles and different cultures as the first step towards this universal goal. A “Let’s talk” discussion table focuses on “Waste” along with community engagement in dance.

Bon-Odori Dance Festival For Peace  is a full day of family fun, including great food, amazing bands and world dancers, local vendors/exhibitors, and learning Japanese culture and history. All will enjoy the “Bon-Odori” dance at 6:30 PM. The Minbuza Japanese Folk Dance Company from NYC and Stuart Paton, Taiko drummer from Burlington Taiko, will lead the dance. A Jodoshinshu Buddhist monk, Kenjitsu Nakagaki, will conduct a special ritual to pray for the victims of the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as well as the victims of the Fukushima disaster, to complete the event.

INTERESTED IN BECOMING A VENDOR OR SPONSOR? Any earth-conscious vendors and sponsors are all invited! Ask for your registration form by e-mailing Youko at gomenkudasainy@gmail.comFor updates, visit their Facebook Page, BonOdoriKingston