Charles Steele is an artist who has lived at The Lace Mill in Kingston since 2015.

Through painting, Charles Steele can convey aspects of himself without the constraints of language. His art is an exploration and an evolving journey towards a more refined expression of his experiences, moods, and emotions – engaging in a wordless dialogue with the viewer.

Charles’ love of the arts and painting started when he studied at Renaissance Arts High School in California. After high school, Charles deeply explored meditation, mysticism, Buddhism, and Hinduism, which helped him develop a profound appreciation of life and its challenges. In his search for “the meaning of life,” Charles spent seven years with a spiritual group that he eventually realized was a cult. After leaving the group and rebuilding his life, it was years before he returned to art as a means of healing and processing via artistic expression.

Charles was participating in RUPCO’s Homeownership Center’s First Home Club Program when he learned of a new artist preference living opportunity. In 2015, Charles became one of the first residents of the newly opened Lace Mill, which he describes as “a structure that has a theme to it” and “a nexus of the arts.” This collaborative environment has helped him flourish and grow as an artist and as a person.

“It was a wonderful experience to be among the artists and people at The Lace Mill the past several years”, Charles said. He has participated in many shows and workshops, developed friendships, and even served on the Lace Mill Arts Council.

In addition to being a Lace Mill resident, Charles has also served as RUPCO’s Night Supervisor at The Stuyvesant in uptown Kingston for the past 5 years. He feels that RUPCO has been the most supportive company that he has ever worked for. He is grateful that his job at RUPCO and his home at The Lace Mill have led to opportunities for him to become deeply involved in the professional art world and to connect with the experiences of so many people.

Charles will be moving to Florida at the end of this month to take care of his elderly mother. We wish him well and will miss him at both The Lace Mill and RUPCO. Best of Luck, Charles!

To see and learn more about Charles Steele and his art, please visit

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