Dear Potential Contractors:

Thank you for interest in our Home Repair programs. We are always looking to make new connections with contractors and vendors for home repair work.  

If you are interested in receiving email notifications of projects that are available for bidding, please complete the online Contractor Qualification Bid Form below.  Once approved, you company will receive a confirmation email and you will be added to our email group notification list.

When we have projects that match a particular type of construction field, every contractor on our bid notification list, matching that field, will be notified of project availability. The email notification will contain a link that will direct you to the available project workscopes. You can view the details of each project and if you are interested in some or all items listed in the workscopes, you are asked complete the short bid registration form.  The bid registration informs RUPCO and the homeowner that you intend to site visit. Contractors are required to contact the owners of the properties, site visit and if interested, to provide an estimate for the work. After 5 registration forms are received the project is removed as available. There is no guarantee that you will receive any requests for bidding, it is based on the types of programs and projects that are agency has at the time. The work-scopes will provide a simple line item work list such as “window replacement”, “heating system replacement” etc. and limited specification of the work. Any measurements must be verified and brands/make/model of materials used must be supplied by the contractor when bidding.  All estimates must include labor, materials, delivery, a one year warranty for parts and labor, cost of obtaining and closing out any permits and third party electrical, insurance, & cleaning /debris removal. You are not required to bid on all items listed in the workscope. You can select to only bid on items of interest. Be advised that the homeowners select the contractors within the budget available and may break up bids to award multiple contractor’s select items of a project. Please bid accordingly.

Minimum insurance requirements are $1 million General Liability/$2 million aggregate. Contractors must have Workers Compensation coverage for themselves, employees or subs (unless they have their own) regardless of any business structure or exemption available. Contractor will be ask to supply proof of both for each project awarded. Additionally, contractors will be ask to complete a onetime W-9 form after their first contract award.

Projects marked “lead safe practices only” can only be contracted to contractors that are EPA RRP Firm Certified and on the NYS List of Certified contracting firms. If you are not certified additional information can be found at:

RUPCO actively seeks certified and non-certified minority and women based enterprises, Section 3 and SDVOB contractors to participate in our programs. RUPCO Inc. has agreed to meet certain goals provided by our funders to utilize certified and non-certified MWBE’s, SDVOB’s and Section 3 contractors. If you would like more information on how to become certified please contact RUPCO.

If you have any questions please contact Sally Dolan or Bill Andersen

If you would like to be added to RUPCO’s list of contractors please complete the Contractor Qualification Form HERE.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________        I understand that all estimates provided for future job proposals will include all labor and material, permits, permit closeouts and a one year warranty for parts and labor including all costs of subcontractors and insurance. I understand that filling in this form does not guarantee my company contracts. I understand that RUPCO may share this information with other agencies for the purpose of seeking local contractors for their programs. The undersigned hereby affirms that all statements are true and accurate.                        __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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