Interns at workVolunteering and interning for any company has its benefits: class credit, experience in your field of study, new connections, etc.

But volunteering for a company like RUPCO provides a deeper sense of satisfaction.

Come volunteering for a group that really cares. Volunteer with a staff who embraces a “No Wrong Door” policy; that no mater who shows up at their door, even if its the wrong office, the visitor gets delivered to someone with the answer. Come volunteer where the door is always open.

RUPCO provides needed assistance to those in need in the form of low-income housing. More likely than not, you will get to meet the very people RUPCO employees dedicate their careers to helping.

If you wish to get involved contact Julee Whalin, Communications Manager, 845. 331.2140 x 276.

Volunteer Assistant Handbook (last updated 10/17/17)

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