Give Housing a Voice: David Boyle peeking out from behind curtain

Come to the artist’s reception and artwork unveiling on April 16 at 6:30 at Seven21 Media, Kingston.

“Give Housing a Voice” is an awareness campaign centered around the importance of affordable housing and how people and their communities can advocate on behalf of those unable to do so. RUPCO is hosting an evening of storytelling and the artwork unveiling on April 16. Come see, and hear, for yourself and become a voice for affordable housing.

To help you engage in intelligent conversation about affordable housing, we’ve pulled together resources for individuals and communities. Share the importance of including housing options when planning your community by accessing the Give Housing a Voice tool kits compiled for your use (coming in April 2015).

Event details of Give Housing a Voice on April 16Are you interested in sharing your personal story about Home?  “Give Housing a Voice” by sharing your perspective — Complete this quick 10-question survey. Think about it: when you close your eyes, what memories of Home come to mind? Some people have lived in multiple homes, some lived in the same house for decades. Maybe you were homeless, lived in a sub-standard situation, or maybe your family experienced being under-housed? Whatever your story, your story is an learning example for others. Tell us your experience — positive or negative — and tell it from the heart. Share with us what “Home” means to you and why “Home Matters.”


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