The RUPCO Learning Lunch series allows guests to enjoy free presentations on a range of historical and cultural topics. Admission to our Learning Lunch series is FREE. Bring your lunch and enjoy complimentary beverages. Each program begins at noon unless noted.

Our Learning Lunch series affords you the most consistent opportunity to remove yourself from a busy work week, and learn something new about the community we all call home.

Due to the recent Corona Virus spread, RUPCO has the following announcement on gatherings at our Learning Lunches as follows:

  • If you or know of a co-worker who is coming to one of our Learning Lunches and is exhibiting flu like symptoms – you/they are asked to not attend.
  • RUPCO reserves the right to refuse access to anyone who presents with malaise and to have flu like symptoms.
  • We want to keep these learning lunches healthy and enjoyable for all and thank you and ask you for your anticipated courtesy and cooperation.

Learning Lunch Series Presents: A Screening of Housing: A Human Right. A collaborative film between Rise Up Kingston and Survival Media Agency that amplifies the stories of two Rise Up Members, Yolanda Knox and Freedom Walker Dickerson. Their stories are emblematic of the struggle of black, brown, and low-income people to secure stable and healthy housing. The film debuted at the 2019 O+ Festival, and was sponsored by RUPCO, Radio Kingston, and Hudsy.

Tuesday March 10th at noon

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Callie Jayne’s desire to fight for justice began in 8th grade protesting against inequitable dress code policies. Callie’s career started off in sales, bouncing from job-to-job, and struggling to make ends meet. When deciding to go back to college, she transitioned to the post-secondary education field – wanting to focus on helping women prioritize their education, and moving forward in their careers. It was then, that she found herself in a situation like so many before her – a single mother, trying to survive within structures that were created to make sure she failed.

Callie finished her undergraduate degree in business, and then went on to complete her Masters’ in Nonprofit Management. For her internship, she began working at a human services organization, which later hired her full time. She built and expanded the volunteer base and pantry hours which increased the number of families who were able to access food. She increased the individual giving, community and business engagement which lowered operational costs. Though providing emergency services was helping hundreds of families every week, it was doing nothing to change the systems of oppression that are set in place.

Her life, work and educational experiences led her to discover the institutionalized issues that were preventing her and many others from all walks of life from achieving a quality standard of living. Her desire for change comes from the belief that all people deserve a basic standard of living, and if we could all come together and hear many differing perspectives, that we can use our struggles to achieve collective greatness.

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