M.B CIX logoMicah, born 1975 and raised in Mt. Vernon, NY, has called Kingston home for the past 6 years of his 40 years on this planet. In this time he has grounded himself in the community both personally and professionally as being co-owner of CIXdesigns, a web and graphic design company that works primarily with local businesses and organizations, as well as being a yoga teacher at Mudita Yoga Center, a board member of CCE (Center for Creative Education) working with youth and drumming in P.O.O.K. (Percussion Orchestra of Kingston), a helping hand at the Uptown Farmers Market for Freebird Farms (come say “Hi!” on Saturdays), Rocket Scientist for the O+ Festival, and organizer of Day 1 – an annual New Year’s Day walk celebrating what unites us, as a response to the current discord – he is dedicated to creating positive change in his community. Most importantly, he is a happy father of two.

He went to SUNY Purchase, having graduated with a BFA. His area of concentration was equally split between sculpture, photography, and print-making; yet, his final senior show contained none of them, as it was a conceptual piece centering on conversation and ideas.

major mulatto piece by M.B

“My art – it is my life. Conversation is my medium of choice, but all manner of experience and engagement with the world is my art. It just so happens that on occasion, my life is expressed in a more tangible means and some work of art is created. There cannot be one medium or process that suits this form of art because life is broad. So my art may come in the form of the written word at times, other times it is applied to paper by ink or paint or some other manner, or it is best expressed through some audio experience, or some physical object that one may be called to interact with. It is also the process of engagement with a client and results in some design being done. It is also constructing catapults, dubbing Thundercats episodes, speaking about the Great Depletion, being homeless with a gold coffee cup, rubber band wars – big ones, only walking on the white squares at the super market, building a modern day version of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, telephone cans, sacred geometry hop-scotch, larger than life sized Hungry, Hungry Hippo, going to Ikea, and all matter of things.”

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