MyKingstonKids Fest 2018 is an annual free indoor/outdoor event created to provide children of the Kingston area an eclectic experience to enjoy themselves through exciting activities, interactive & educational tools, engaging, fun-loving events and appropriate entertainment. MyKingstonKids Fest will take place at The Lace Mill, 165 Cornell St., Kingston, from 11:00- 4:00pm on May 19. The event will host a variety of activities including a children’s art show, music, performances, tea party, arts & crafts, games and more. The event is projected to gather 700 – 1,000 people throughout the day.

This is the second year and third installment of the Kids Festival with an accumulated following of over 1,500 attendees to date. The events have been known for signature attractions and child friendly themes. This well-structured, highly focused, youth generated extravaganza will make it possible for children of all ages to do the following:

• Play and interact with children of all cultures and backgrounds within the Kingston & Hudson Valley community
• Build and practice pertinent life skills such as sharing, attentive listening and following directions to the best of their ability
• Learn new crafts and skills from some of the most talented workshop instructors in our area
• Display their talents and skills thru numerous outlets including but not limited to the Kids Fest art show, live performances and the abundant activities throughout.

Event Organizer is the brain child of two award winning entrepreneurs and Lace Mill residents, Shaniqua & Frank Waters. The website was created for parents within the Kingston area that felt there should be an exclusive online resource center dedicated to children that would help parents find upcoming events, activities, classes and ideas. The group also offers programs, events and activities. is in association with Kingston Candy Bar, RUPCO & The Lace Mill Art Council.

The MyKingstonKids organization has become a community brand known for outstanding organizing, professionalism, new ideas and fun. The group has captured the attention of over 200 members, participated in numerous community events, a weekly Saturday morning radio show on Radio Kingston and even has its own mascot, “Poppy the Panda”.

For more info please contact Frank Waters, 845-282-0182, or e-mail

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