Artist Sasha Finley Oil Portraits

Yasmina Verna moves into Woodstock Commons, February 2021

Farr & O’Connor Speak at Business Alliance of Kingston Brown Bag Lunch, April 24

The One-12 Project: A Community Unites Around Marie Young, March 27

Black History Month 2019, every day in February

TMI Project True Storytelling Performance at The Lace Mill (Video), August 15

“Musica Poetica” Jazz Concert on June 16 at The Lace Mill

MyKingstonKids Fest: Land of Chocolate at The Lace Mill

Counting Her Blessings: MS Pateint Assumes New LIfe, Housing Stability, Healthier Outlook (Diana Hayes)

Trauma Survivor Passes on Wisdom in Last Stages of Life (Rocky Longendyke)

Michael Bisio Hits the Right Note in Home-Life Symphony

1 in 68 Radio Show: RUPCO VISTA Monique Tranchina interview with host Eliza Bozenski, Anderson Center (scroll down to “RUPCO, Supporing Our Community” in right column) 

“Sowing Seeds” Art Exhibit Hosted By Seed Song Farm at The Lace Mill

Lace Mill Artist-resident Flourishes in Home Where History Matters (Sarah Carlson)

Relaying Hope through Activism: Lanette Hughes Inspires Through Artwork

VIDEOS: TMI Project True Storytelling Performances at The Lace Mill

From Homeless to Housed: Leslie Mann’s Story of Growth

Videographer-Monastic Student-Artist finds blessing in home, continues on path tosuccess (Lace Mill resident-artist James Martin)

Healthcare is a Human Right 2018 Schedule

Thanksgiving Comes Early to Tongore Pines 

Madeline Fletcher, Executive Director of Newburgh Community Land Bank, Receives Community Partner Award

Harold Renzo, Stuyvesant Resident Receives Community Inspiration Award

Derby Duo Build Soapbox Cars at Lace Mill (Lace Mill resident-artists Felix Olivieri & Frank Waters)

Senior Resident Finds Peace of Mind At Theater Workplace (Park Heights resident Anthony Cacchio)

Digging Deep for Community Connection (Karen Miller, community organizer)

Celebrity Parrots find paradise in Ruby (Gloria Waslyn, first-time homebuyer)

Local Artist Finds Solace in Lace Mill, Continues on Artistic Journey Despite Setbacks (Dawn Bisio, Lace MIll resident-artist)

Couple Find Creativity, Privacy at Lace Mill (Youko & Kazuma Yamamato, Lace Mill resident-artists) 

Independent news & articles about The Lace Mill & its Resident-Artists

Holly C., writer-poet (Lace Mill resident-artist)

Steve S., HOPWA Program Participant

Gabriel Delgado, Stuyvesant Resident

Avigayil Landsman, Woodstock Commons

Prudence Nelmes, Fiber Artist, Woodstock Commons

Barbara Schacker, Multi-media Artist, Woodstock Commons

Laura Katz, Watercolor Artist, Woodstock Commons

Mercedes Cecilia, Woodstock Commons

Sasha Finlay, Oil on Canvas, Woodstock Commons

Autumn Pond, Healing Arts, The Lace Mill

Charlotte Tusch, Oils, The Lace Mill

Sarah Carlson, Video Documentarian, The Lace Mill

Samantha Harris, Fiber Toy Creator, The Lace Mill

Lark Kidder, Multi-media Montage, The Lace Mill

Rubi Rose, Photographer, The Lace Mill

Patt Blue, Photographer, The Lace Mill

Marie Pierre-Paul, Oils on Canvas, The Lace Mill

Amelia Leon, Graphic Designer, The Lace Mill

Micah Blumenthal, The Lace Mill

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