On Tuesday, December 16th, RUPCO honored its senior, elderly and special needs residents with a holiday luncheon, MAGIC OF THE SEASON at The Kirkland, 2 Main Street, Kingston. Magician Peter Samelson surprised and entertained our audience of 50 with his Prestidigitator’s skills.  Mangia & Enjoy delivered home-cooking delights, made with love, served by staff members from all departments. Senior residents of Tongore Pines, Park Heights, Woodstock Commons, The Stuyvesant, and The Kirkland attended with friends and staff.

Peter SaMagician Peter Samelson and Stuyvesant resident blow on a little melson ~ Sleight-of-hand Artist, “Mind-reader” and Illusionist, “The Poetic Presdigitator” ~ insists he doesn’t do magic, he only helps people see it. Christened “the soft-spoken conceptualist of sorcery” by The New York Times, Peter has entertained audiences worldwide, from Vegas to the Great Wall of China. He’s appeared on television, off-Broadway, and in films What About Bob? and Whispers in the Dark. Here’s a look at magic he helps you to see:  MAGIC was made possible by the generosity of the following property service providers who make living at a RUPCO property safe, clean and enjoyable!


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