O+-GAIA-jigsaw-puzzle-fundraiser-visual-series-1RUPCO+YOU=Gaia & O+ Festival

Together we’re bringing the creative artwork of street artist Gaia to the historic City of Kingston. During the week of October 2, Gaia will paint a five-story tall masterpiece on the north brick wall of The Stuyvesant, 289 Fair Street, uptown. The final image will measure 65-feet high by 40-feet wide and incorporate elements of history, nature and the distinguishable Gaia influence.

Help bring Gaia here by purchasing a piece of the puzzle.  As donations come in, we’ll reveal his upcoming artwork.

Painting an outdoor mural takes time, money and collaboration. Thanks to the Kingston Heritage Committee and our Fair Street neighbors for their input. Kudos go too to the City of Kingston for allowing O+ Festival to attract stellar artwork to adorn our neighborhoods with one-of-a-kind art interpretations. These attractions also draw visitors and tourism dollars to our local economy and further establish Kingston as an Artists’ Haven. Lastly, all this is possible because of O+ Festival and their collaborative partnerships across the board. We’re working with them again, for the sixth year running. In honor of the Gaia mural, RUPCO will match $1 (up to $3500) for every $2 raised ($7000 or more) through this page.  Each puzzle piece costs $100. When you to donate to the Gaia Mural, you also receive:

  • an invite to a Meet-the-Artist-Gaia reception at The Stuyvesant (you’ll receive an email at the end of September with the October date, time and place)
  • an all-access wrist band to the O+ Festival (all access to all events between October 9 and 11. You can pick up your packet at any location and avoid lines at the HO+MEBASE ticketing station)
  • an O+ Festival t-shirt
  • an O+ Do+nor Card (that proves you’re a Blood Relative of the O+ Festival and entitled various discounts at local businesses throughout the region)

Who’s Gaia? Gaia paints gallery work, commissioned murals and street art and his work has been shown in museums in Istanbul, Spoleto and the Baltimore Museum of Art. He’s had solo shows in London, Houston, Chicago, SF, DC and done murals in Vienna, Detroit and Perth, Australia, among other cities. Click here to see more of Gaia’s work.

Kingston is fast- becoming a mecca for outdoor art tourism. Along with Philadelphia and Baltimore, Kingston hosts citywide murals, the majority painted courtesy of the O+ Festival venue. This year, six murals will go up on the exteriors of 721 Media Center, Keegan Ales, Barcone’s Music, Milne Fabrication Factory, 35 North Front Street, and The Stuyvesant.

Your $100 donation is directed towards the Gaia mural expenses (nearly $11,000 worth) including Lights $375/week, Lift $3500/week, Paint $2500, Artist curator fee $2000, Time-lapse Video $1500, and a Meet-the-Artist Reception.

Be a part of this historic event. Click here to donate $100 today, or contact Tara Collins (845) 331-2140, ext. 276.

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