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March 21, 2013
Contact: Joan Lawrence-Bauer
845-331-2140 x 263

Kingston, NY — 03/21/2013 — Free food, entertainment and prizes are on tap for a new Energize Kingston event to be held at the YMCA on Broadway on Saturday, April 20. Co-presented by the Y, RUPCO and Friends of Historic Kingston, the festivities will complement a wide variety of community building and placemaking activities that celebrate sustainability and renewal in Kingston and beyond.

Elements of free food and fun, entertainment and education will help people learn more about energy use and efficiency, sustainability and healthy living in a fun and family friendly way. RUPCO’s Green Jobs/Green New York Program invites homeowners to take the “Energy Pledge” by setting up a free or low cost home energy audit through NYSERDA. Green Jobs – Green NY staff will help people get grants, incentives and resources to complete energy savings projects in their homes. Staged in mid-town at the YMCA, the event will bring together artists and business owners, public officials, homeowners and renters from throughout the city and the surrounding region to energize mind, body, spirit and community.

Though details of all the offerings are still being developed, Energize Kingston will begin at 11 AM and end at 3 PM, rain or shine. Free lunch, free parking and free performances throughout the afternoon by the Energy Dance Troop of the YMCA will be offered. RUPCO staff members will walk people through available incentives and grants from NYSERDA and how to apply for a free or low cost home energy audit. A drawing for a $50 gas card will be open to anyone who brings their utility account numbers and completes an application for an energy audit. Other great door prizes will be offered at different locations throughout the event.

“According to Haynes Llewellyn, President Board of Directors, Friends of Historic Kingston is thrilled to collaborate on this important initiative.” Noting that his organization cares about preserving and promoting the history and heritage of Kingston, New York, he added that attracting people to the community in such a positive way is good for everyone.

Climate Action Task Force volunteers will showcase rain barrels and composting bins with related projects and activities. Staffers at the Y will showcase the many offerings of that facility and show people how to use them in a complete energy work out program. Drew Andrews – whose own energy is limitless – will get people moving with the Energy Dance Troop. The Kingston Farmer’s Market is expected to participate, promoting the year-round nature and new locations of the popular local initiative.

“This is going to be a great day,” said YMCA CEO Heidi Kirschner. “We’ll have a total open house so people can come in and experience everything the Y has to offer and at the same time, showcase the community around us.” Kirschner said child care and children’s activities will be free during the event so parents can take their time with programs that interest them. Mid-town businesses will be featuring their food offerings for lunch and other local businesses will be providing prizes and incentives.

“This is a great opportunity for RUPCO to showcase the resources we bring to homeowners seeking repairs, retro-fits and other home related needs,” said RUPCO CEO Kevin O’Connor. “Local, certified independent contractors for NYSERDA will be there with our Green Jobs/Green New York team to create a virtual one-stop shop for everything from application to work contracts.” The Kingston Public Library will share how they did their energy audit and installed energy saving measures to reduce costs and other participants are still coming on. Other partners and presenters are also expected during the day.

More information on the event will be announced in coming weeks and on the websites and Facebook pages of each presenting organization. The YMCA can be accessed at 338- 3810 or Friends of Historic Kingston is on line at and can be reached by phone at 845-339-0720. RUPCO is at 331-2140 or and

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