Spring 2014
eVolume 1, Issue 1

RUPCO, a member of the national NeighborWorks® network, will receive $369,385 in flexible grants from NeighborWorks® America this year – a much-needed boost that will support affordable housing and community development activities throughout the Hudson Valley.

According to RUPCO CEO Kevin O’Connor, $200,000 will go to the re-development and re-construction of the Lace Factory in Kingston, creating 55 new affordable apartments for artists and $5,000 will be devoted to working with Community Impact Measurement in the city. RUPCO, which provides services in a number of counties in the Hudson Valley region, will use $72,000 in the Town of Fallsburg to support replacement of manufactured homes there. The balance of the funding will be used for organizational underwriting, helping the agency meet its operational needs.


RUPCO is a chartered member of the national organization and operates a NeighborWorks® Homeownership Center that helped more than 60 first time homebuyers last year and assisted in more than 90 home repairs. “The funding we get from NeighborWorks® is critical to our mission,” said O’Connor. “We leverage these funds over and over, to help individuals and communities.” O’Connor went on to note that in an era of every shrinking government funds and programs, the importance of the NeighborWorks organization grows each year. “They go way beyond funding, providing training, best practices standards, communication and a host of other community building services and programs.”

NeighborWorks America provided over $54 million in this latest round of grants to RUPCO and its national network of more than 240 nonprofit organizations operating in over 4,400 communities. The grants will be used to develop and manage high-quality affordable housing, empower consumers through financial literacy and homeownership education and counseling, stem the tide of foreclosures that threaten neighborhoods and local economies, and revitalize and strengthen communities.

American Dream – a place to call home

American Dream – a place to call home

“For every dollar in NeighborWorks® grants in 2013, an additional $45 is in invested in America’s communities, resulting in a direct investment of nearly $5.8 billion in distressed communities in the last year,” said NeighborWorks® America CEO Eileen M. Fitzgerald. “As good stewards of taxpayer dollars, NeighborWorks® ensures our investments are working in ways that truly make a difference.” Created by federal legislation in 1978, NeighborWorks America supports a chartered network of community development nonprofits charged with closing the homeownership gap among whites and non-whites; improving financial literacy; rebuilding and repairing properties; developing affordable multifamily units; and, using community development strategies to improve safety and build wealth.

RUPCO is the region’s leading provider and advocate of quality, affordable housing and community development programs aimed to provide opportunity and revitalize communities.

In more than 30 years of operation, RUPCO has established a successful track record as a leader in the creation and improvement of quality, sustainable housing, created strong partnerships locally and nationally, and has maintained a fiscally healthy balance sheet, allowing for flexibility and agility in providing services. Its work to create home, support people and improve communities has a positive impact not only on those directly served, but also on those who share their communities with them.

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