Spring 2014
eVolume 1, Issue 1

The fear and anxiety that accompany homelessness are hard to imagine unless you’ve faced it yourself. Kim Mapes at RUPCO gets that, and works hard to ease and eliminate the fear and anxiety. Kim joined RUPCO’s STEHP program (Solutions to End Homelessness Program) last year as a program specialist and has played an important role in assisting individuals and families at a difficult time in their lives. In her work with clients Mapes has also strengthened relationships with partner agencies creating greater efficiency for the entire program. This collaborative effort has provided funding for 180 people in transitional and emergency shelters, case management for 376 people and other financial assistance for 104 people facing homelessness. Despite stressed funding sources, the STEHP Program has had many positive impacts.

The program is a collaborative partnership with Legal Services of the Hudson Valley, Family of Woodstock, and Catholic Charities. The multi-faceted program provides services including transitional housing support, case management, eviction prevention, and provides security deposits and rental assistance for individuals and families. These services provide support for people who are struggling in some way to remain in a safe home.

Mapes is a master at making connections. Like the proverbial “matchmaker” she hones in quickly on what is really needed and gets each client to the right place to meet their needs. Though resources are always tight, anyone facing emergency housing needs or homelessness can call on Mapes and know they’ll get a capable and compassionate response. She can be reached by calling RUPCO at 845-331-2140.

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