RUPCO brings a new program to Kingston and Newburgh to help small building owners stabilize and upgrade their properties and ensure future affordability.

RUPCO is joining forces with Enterprise Community Partners Inc. and the New York State Homes and Community Renewal (HCR) to launch the Landlord Ambassador Program (NYSLAP). RUPCO was one of 6 community-based organizations selected to reach out and help owners of small and mid-sized multifamily buildings in two regions of the state to take advantage of HCR’s housing programs.

RUPCO will serve as local Landlord Ambassadors and assist in the preservation of some of the regions aging housing stock. Specifically we will provide technical assistance to owners, both private and non-profit, of small to medium sized multifamily housing to help stabilize, upgrade and preserve the buildings for long-term affordability; and expanding opportunities for preservation-focused housing developers to acquire occupied, and distressed multifamily housing stock.

Landlords will learn how RUPCO Landlord Ambassadors can help by guiding through all the available resources they have in this program and others. These resources include:

  • Assistance navigating housing preservation resources
  • Technical support in addressing and violations and liens
  • Support securing capital to fund building upgrades
  • Leveraging other State programs to focus on the Energy Efficiency of the Building

RUPCO, Inc. will focus on two local geographic locations, The City of Newburgh, in Orange County, and the City of Kingston, in Ulster County. Our Landlord Ambassadors will provide support by providing outreach and technical assistance to small- to mid-sized, multifamily building owners in these two communities, who are interested in affordable housing financing.

In order to provide you with the best technical support we can we all ask for some basic information to start. If you are a Landlord or Property owner and Live in Kingston, Newburgh or the surrounding areas, please take a minute to fill out our Prospective Intake Form HERE.

For more information, contact VP of Community Development, Guy Kempe [email protected]  

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