RUPCO Inc. is administering funds provided by Enterprise Community Partners to support our mission to keep New Yorkers housed by providing financial assistance to Landlords agreeing to keep rents stabilized for 2-5 years. Assistance can be applied to eligible repairs, fiscal distress, and back rental assistance to eligible rentals in Orange, Ulster, Sullivan, and Greene Counties through the Landlord Assistance Program (LAP)

Who should apply? Landlords that own legal residential rental properties with nine (9) units or less in the above NY counties.  Corporate owned properties are eligible (Applicant signatory must be principal partner of the LLC). One Application is needed for each property 

Application cutoff date: April 1, 2022 

Maximum Grant awards per eligible unit $15,000 

All units must be rented to tenants at or below 80% Area Median Income adjusted to family size.  The tenant in each unit receiving assistance must sign a tenant self-attestation and be included in this application.  

What can I use the funding for?  

Repairs:  Landlords with verifiable repairs on legally zoned rental units can utilize funds to address such areas as, but not limited to, code violations, items that can lead to code violations, health and safety issues, heating, electrical, plumbing and energy efficiency concerns. Beautification and cosmetic repairs are not eligible expenses.  RUPCO will pay contractors directly on behalf of a landlord for eligible work needed or will reimburse landlords that qualify for eligible verified repairs that were completed dating back six (6) months. 

Fiscal Distress:  Fiscal Distress will address the verified financial distress of the landlord to include but is not limited to direct payments of delinquent mortgage payments, taxes, utilities paid by the Landlord (not tenant), and property insurance associated with the rental building.  

Back Rental Assistance:  This option is intended to address gaps in the current rental assistance landscape. The tenant will need to either prove denial or ineligibility in all other programs or prove funds for a program are exhausted.  

What is required of the Landlord? 

In return for assistance, we require the Landlord sign a restricted covenant filed with the county on the property in the total amount of assistance per building and a requirement to keep monthly rental amounts restricted according to the charts below for a Regulatory Period between 2 – 5 years as follows:  

      1. Below $5,000 — Rental Affordability Agreement 2-year period 
      2. $5,000 – <$10,000 — Rental Affordability Agreement 3-year period 
      3. $10,00 – <$12,500 — Evaporating Lien3-year period 
      4. $12,500 – <$15,000 — Evaporating Lien 4-year period 
      5. $15,000+ — Evaporating Lien 5-year period 

What if I owe more than what the grant will cover for taxes, mortgage payment, etc. or my repair costs more than the grant amount? 
RUPCO will require that any payments for back mortgage payments, taxes, insurance, and utilities bring the account up to date. The Landlord may contribute to the project with their own funds if the amount of grant funding is not enough.  

What if I sell the house or my expenses on the property go up, can I increase the rents above the limits below? 
No, the agreement is to keep the rents at or below the chart below. As the funding will be a deed restriction filed.  

What if I want to pay the grant back so I can raise the rent? 
Although the mission of the program is to keep rents stabilized, we realize that sometimes an Owner may need to be released from the agreement. The restrictive covenant allows early payback with credits for each 12 months the property complies percentage base according to regulatory period.  

Rent maximums by county and size:  

Maximum Affordable Rent


Greene County

Orange County Sullivan County Ulster County


$1025 $1398 $1006


1- Bedroom


$1599 $1150


2- Bedroom

$1318 $1798 $1293


3- Bedroom


$2000 $1435


4- Bedroom

$1581 $2158 $1551



 How can I apply?  

Complete the LAP application for Landlord Assistance Program 

Download Application

Once you have completed the application, forms and collected all the requested documents, please return them to Renee DeZemo as outlined below. 

Please allow up to 72 hours for review and be aware that we may request additional documentation to approve.                                                           

3 North Street Walden NY 12586 
Attn: Renee DeZemo 
Or scan and email to        

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