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As 2022 ends, we reflect on all that we have been able to accomplish through the
support of our partners, friends, and community. Thank you for your confidence in us and for making home a reality for more than 8,000 people throughout the Hudson
Valley – but there is much more work to be done, and we can’t do it without you.

With housing prices continuing to rise and the available, affordable housing inventory decreasing, many of our neighbors struggle to find viable and supportive housing, especially seniors, those with special needs, working families, veterans, and unhoused people. Your sponsorship this year genuinely impacts people’s daily lives in our community.

We’d like to share two stories (out of many) that demonstrate the incredible and direct impact of our work over the past year, thanks to the generosity of supporters like you:

Christine is a landlord on a mission to help her tenant, a formerly homeless single mother of three, remain in safe and stable housing. They worked together to find sustainable opportunities to improve her tenant’s financial situation, not just one-time aid. After securing monthly rental assistance through a Section 8 voucher, they also received a grant from the NYS Landlord Assistance Program providing $9,960 in rental arrears, a win for everyone involved!

Christine is one of the 65 landlords RUPCO assisted through the NYS Landlord
Assistance Program, which provided over $2M in funds to help stabilize 175 homes throughout Orange, Ulster, Sullivan, and Greene Counties.

Mike is a Landmark Place resident who had fallen into hard times. Once a computer programmer, husband, and father, Mike’s life took a turn after becoming unemployed and suffering from clinical depression and severe anxiety attacks. Soon after, divorced and with massive debt, he started a one-man taxi service, and when that didn’t work and began driving for Uber. After being evicted, Mike began living in his car and eventually constructed a portable camp on wheels. Walking down Uptown Kingston, Mike saw a flyer encouraging people to apply to Landmark Place, RUPCO’s senior and supportive project in Kingston, so he did and was selected. With a safe and affordable home, Mike can now envision a plan for his future. He’s excited to resume his passion for photography, but his greatest ambition is to spend more time with his son, “That’s the other thing having a home again means,” he says. “It’s helping me come back to my family.”

Mike is one of 1250 residents residing in RUPCO’s 751 managed apartments throughout Ulster, Orange, and Greene Counties.

Join us in making real change in 2023 by investing in our community’s future. Your
support allows us to continue to provide safe, affordable, and quality housing. Making home a reality for even one person changes the course of many lives. Imagine what we can do together to impact more lives in the future.

Download our sponsorship offerings here.
RUPCO 2023 Corporate sponsorship
HomeOwnership Center 2023 sponsorship

Each year, we try to provide a range of options for businesses and individuals to invest in our organization, as well as a variety of opportunities for us to express our gratitude. We take pride in acknowledging and providing visibility to companies like yours that believe in us and share our values and commitment to lead the creation of stronger communities for all of us.

We hope you will continue to support RUPCO’s efforts and help us accomplish our mission and goals in the year(s) ahead! On behalf of our Board of Directors, Advisory Council, staff, and clients, I thank you for your support. Together, we will continue the mission that began over four decades ago: To create homes, support people, and improve communities throughout the Hudson Valley.

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For questions or to get additional sponsorship information, please contact Maru Gonzalez, Brand Manager and Executive Coordinator to the CEO 845-331-2140 ext. 279