Patt Blue HeadshotPatt Blue is the author of Living On A Dream: A Marriage Tale, a family memoir on mental illness and domestic abuse, published by The University Press of Mississippi in 1998. Ms. Blue has a BA in Fine Arts from Stony Brook University and a MFA from The School of the Art Institute in Chicago. She is a social documentary photographer, originally from the South, with the greater part of her life spent in New York City. Early on, her photo essays were published in Life Magazine, receiving awards and recognition from The Leica Foundation, The Robert F. Kennedy Award for Outstanding Coverage of the Disadvantaged, and a Howard Chapnick Grant for Humanistic Photography. Ms. Blue makes her living as a photographic educator. She began on the seminal staff and faculty at The International Center of Photography, teaching at NYU and RISD. She was also the Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at Kean University, and Visiting Faculty at The Evergreen State College. Her photographic work is driven by her experience as a social advocate. In rural New York State, she worked with the LBJ anti-poverty movement. After 9/11, she was a field worker for The Manhattan Healing Project. Her photographs are in the collections of the NYC Public Library, The Museum of the City of New York, The Brooklyn Museum, and others. Ms. Blue has been awarded many grants and fellowships for her photography, including a National Foundation for the Arts Fellowship.

My art ideas are planned as projects: a series of photographs carefully considered with research, writing and other ephemera that supports and expands the work. I think in literary and book language rather than images for the wall. My interest is in observation and chronicling hidden life that can speak visually when organized in an interdisciplinary language form.

The greater purpose and meaning of my work is to investigate and explore the darker questions of the human condition, always asking, “What is human?” I am interested in the raw reality of life without artifice.”

Patt Blue photo 1 of woman

Patt Blue photo 2 of woman

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