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RUPCO uses an “asset-based” community building approach to provide planning, and promote revitalization, sustainability and smart growth in Hudson Valley communities.

We respond to deficits that have been self-identified by local communities in their organizational and institutional capacity, housing stock and infrastructure. The focused effort allows us to address community needs, including development of public infrastructure and facilities, job creation and economic development, affordable rental housing and homeownership.

We believe that community capacity is more than the sum of its individual parts. It means the ability of the associations and institutions within a community to use the skills, knowledge and ability of all the people in the community to take initiative, responsibility and to be adaptable in the face of constant change. The goal of our Community Development program is threefold:

  • to empower communities to guide their own decision making
  • to improve development decision making in local communities
  • to improve the social and economic well being of the citizens of Ulster County

The work we do to achieve that goal is widely varied and ranges from consulting to grant writing, to project development, implementation, funding and management.

Upcoming Community Development Efforts:
Energy Square, 20 Cedar Street, Kingston
The Metro, 2 South Prospect Avenue, Kingston
Newburgh’s Historic East End, cluster site within five city blocks
Newburgh Progress, Community development & wealth-building, affordable apartments
Landmark Place, 300 Flatbush Avenue, Kingston

Successful Transformations:

To maintain our professional expertise RUPCO is a member of The Community Development Society, “where research and practice join to build community. CDS offers leadership and opportunities to learn what’s new in the profession, exchange ideas, and share professional experiences.” CDS fosters the professional development of those building the capacity of communities while serving as an advocate for healthy communities and their importance to society. http://www.associationsites.com/main-pub.cfm?usr=commdev

NYMS Logo1The purpose of the NYMS Program is to provide financial and technical resources to help communities with their efforts to preserve and revitalize mixed-use (commercial/civic and residential) main street/downtown business districts through grants to stimulate reinvestment in properties located within mixed-use business districts. RUPCO has secured and delivered $1.6M in NY Main Street Grants to communities.

In our work to improve main streets, RUPCO employs the Main Street Four-Point Approach® as the foundation for local initiatives to revitalize their districts by leveraging local assets—from cultural or architectural heritage to local enterprises and community pride. The four points of the Main Street approach work together to build a sustainable and complete community revitalization effort.  Established in 1980 as a program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the National Main Street Center works with a nationwide network of communities to encourage preservation-based economic revitalization, and has participated in the renewal of more than 2,000 older commercial districts during its 30-year history.





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