RUPCO is a Rural Preservation Company (RPC.) NYS Homes and Community Renewal provides financial support to RUPCO as one among 205 not-for-profit community-based housing corporations who perform housing and community renewal activities statewide.  Across New York State, Preservation Companies provide assistance including, but are not limited to, housing rehabilitation, home buyer counseling, tenant counseling, landlord/tenant mediation, community rehabilitation and renewal, crime watch programs, employment programs, legal assistance, and Main Street Development. A majority of Preservation Companies are also involved in the planning and development of capital projects including new construction and/or rehabilitation of older housing stock. Companies perform this work with the assistance of HCR administrative funds and leveraged funds from the private sector and other governmental sources.

RUPCO believes that the single most effective approach to advance sustainability is to prevent our historic structures from entering the waste stream. Historic projects undertaken by RUPCO to preserve, restore and reuse historic structures have frequently been recognized for Excellence by The Preservation League of New York State. The NYS Preservation League invests in people and projects that champion the essential role of preservation in community revitalization, sustainable economic growth, and the protection of our historic buildings and landscapes. The Preservation League’s annual awards celebrate the outstanding leadership of public officials and individuals in the field of preservation as well as recognize exemplary preservation projects. These awards celebrate the completion of outstanding restoration projects; validates our organization’s work; encourages RUPCO to continue our pursuits; and elevates the visibility of our project, thus increasing the chances of additional investment by local funders and the greater community.


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