RUPCO is the Housing Choice Voucher/Section 8 Program’s local administrator in Ulster and Greene Counties. This Federal program, managed by New York State, provides rental assistance for very low-income families. This program allows the participant to choose and lease affordable, privately owned rental housing. Our agency currently administers over 1,662 vouchers in Ulster County and over 246 vouchers in Greene. Through these vouchers, every member of a household is assisted with their housing needs. RUPCO manages these programs through offices in Catskill and Kingston and is proud of its diligence in achieving high marks with their management effectiveness efforts.

Wait List for Greene County Housing Choice Voucher Program/Section 8 is currently open. Click HERE to learn more. 

Wait List for Ulster County Housing Choice Voucher Program/Section is CLOSED. 

Recent changes to Renter’s Rights are outlined in this NYS brochure on income discrimination.

When a name reaches the top of the waiting list, the applicant is notified by mail. Once an applicant has reached the top of the waiting list, RUPCO assigns a priority to households with very low income and those whose head of household is elderly, disabled, and/or handicapped. Wonder if you quality? Refer to these quick charts for Ulster and Greene County eligibilities:

For more on Ulster County AMI, visit Affordable Housing Online and NYS Homes & Community Renewal.

For more on Greene County AMI, visit Affordable Housing Online and NYS Homes & Community Renewal.

2021 – 2022 Ulster County Payment Standards


1 Bedroom

2 Bedrooms

3 Bedrooms

4 Bedrooms








2021 2022  Greene County Payment Standards


1 Bedroom

2 Bedrooms

3 Bedrooms

4 Bedrooms









 RUPCO is absorbing all clients requesting to port into Ulster or Greene County.

 Suppose you are a current voucher holder, and you would like to port into the RUPCO Housing Choice Voucher Program. In that case, you must provide your current Public Housing Authority with our contact information. They will send the required information to our office. After we receive the information from your current Housing Authority, we will schedule your family for a briefing that must be attended by all household members ages 18 and older.

Please provide your current housing authority with our contact information as follows:

Ulster County:
Amanda LaChance
289 Fair Street
Kingston, NY 12401
T: 845-331-2140 Ext. 244
F: 845-331-6217

Greene County:
Marie Pickel
175 Water Street
Catskill, NY 12414
T: 518-943-5170 ext. 251
F: 518-943-4342 


Family Obligations for Participants on the Housing Choice Voucher Program           
For you to receive and continue receiving Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) rental assistance, you and your entire household MUST fulfill your obligations to the RUPCO Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program. If you fail to fulfill your obligations, your rental assistance may be terminated.

In order to meet your family obligations, you MUST:

  • Complete a determination of eligibility annually.
  • Supply any and all information that RUPCO requests to determine eligibility, including evidence of citizenship or eligible immigration status, verification of social security numbers, consent forms for obtaining necessary information, and any other information requested.
  • Supply information that is true and complete.
  • Report any and all changes in income or assets in writing to RUPCO within two (2) weeks of the change.
  • Report any and all changes in Household Composition in writing within two (2) weeks of the change to RUPCO.
  • Request in writing and receive written approval from RUPCO before any other person moves into your household.
  • Notify RUPCO in writing within two (2) weeks if any family member no longer lives in the unit.
  • Notify RUPCO in writing if any household member will be away from the unit for an extended time period.
  • Request permission for absences that will be longer than 30 days.
  • Allow RUPCO to inspect the unit at reasonable times and after reasonable notice. Any unit participating in the HCV program MUST meet Housing Quality Standards at all times.
  • Only reside in the assisted unit.
  • Immediately give RUPCO a copy of any owner eviction notice. In addition, you must provide copies of all court orders.
  • Pay your utility bills and supply appliances that you are required to supply under the lease and HAP contract.
  • Pay your share of the rent in a timely manner and pay only the rent specified by RUPCO. Your portion of the rent is calculated by RUPCO and is stated in your Rent Adjustment Letter. Pay no more than stated.

After the first term of the lease, you may be able to continue to receive assistance in a new unit if the following conditions are met. Families are not permitted to move more than once in a 12-month period (unless beyond your control).

If you wish to move, you MUST:

  • Notify RUPCO if you intend to move.
  • Give your landlord a 30-day written notice.
  • Provide a copy of the notice to RUPCO and complete a copy of the Notice to Vacate Form.
  • Ensure that all rental payments to the landlord are up-to-date and re-payment agreement monies owed to RUPCO are paid in full.
  • Ensure that all tenant-related damages to the unit are repaired before you move.

You CANNOT move into a new unit until RUPCO approves it. RUPCO will inspect to ensure all Housing Quality Standards required by HUD are met. RUPCO will also ensure that the rent is reasonable and affordable, and the owner is eligible to participate in the HCV program.

You are responsible if the housing unit fails the HQS inspection for any of the following reasons:

  • You fail to pay for any utilities that your family is responsible for according to the lease terms.
  • You fail to provide and maintain any appliances that the family provides under the lease.
  • Any member of the household or guest damages the dwelling unit or premises beyond normal wear and tear.

You and any member of your household MUST not:

  • Own or have any interest in the unit.
  • Commit fraud, bribery, or any other corrupt or criminal act in connection with the HCV program.
  • Participate in illegal drug or violent criminal activity or any other criminal activity.
  • Sublease, sublet, assign the lease or transfer the unit to any other party.
  • Commit any serious or repeated violation of the lease.
  • Receive HCV assistance while receiving another housing subsidy for the same unit or a different unit under any other Federal, State, or local housing assistance program.
  • Abuse drugs or alcohol in any way that threatens the health, safety or right to peaceful enjoyment of other tenants in the immediate vicinity of the premises.

Grounds for denial or termination of assistance:
RUPCO may at any time deny program assistance for an applicant, or terminate program assistance for a participant for the following:

  • If the family violates any family obligation under the HCV program
  • If any member of the family is subject to lifetime registration under a state sex offender registration program.
  • If any member of the family has ever been evicted from public housing.
  • If any agency has ever terminated assistance for cause under the voucher program for any member of the family.
  • If the family currently owes rent or other amounts to RUPCO or to another agency in connection with the HCV Program or public housing assistance under the Housing Act of 1937.
  • If the family has not reimbursed any agency for amounts paid to an owner under a HAP Contract for rent, damages to the unit, or other amounts owed by the family under the lease.
  • If the family breaches an agreement with RUPCO to pay amounts owed to this office, or amounts paid to an owner by this office.
  • If the family has engaged in or threatened abusive or violent behavior toward RUPCO personnel.
  • If the family is guilty of abuse or fraud (fraud is a criminal offense.)
  • If the family refuses to supply any certification, release of information or documentation which RUPCO or HUD determines to be necessary for the administration of the program.
  • If the family vacates the dwelling unit without proper notice to RUPCO.
  • If the family does not use the dwelling as its principal place of residence.
  • If the family engages in drug-related activity or violent criminal activity, including criminal activity by any family member.

RUPCO oversees two other rental assistance programs:

Family Self-sufficiency

Housing Assistance for Persons with AIDS (HOPWA)

Request for Portability Transfer (Ulster)
Notice to Vacate (Ulster)
Unit Complaint Form (Ulster)
Interim Change Request Form (Ulster)
Request for Tenancy Packet (Ulster)

Request for Portability Transfer (Greene)
Notice to Vacate (Greene)
Unit Complaint Form (Greene)
Interim Change Request Form (Greene)
Request for Tenancy Packet (Greene)

Voucher Extension Request Form
Family Self Sufficiency Application



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