Rubi Rose portrait“My lifelong passion for photography began with the gift of a bright pink Kodak 35 mm camera from my uncle when I was seven years old. This camera was the first of many that became an extension of my vision and creativity as I took hundreds of photos of friends, family, interesting environments, and the beautiful Hudson Valley. Following my acclaimed show Between a Peasant and a Patroon, I received a fellowship from the Tierney Foundation, which supported my subsequent show Ten Again in the Spring of 2012. In 2013, Vistas and Visions, a mother-daughter show at Bank of America in Woodstock NY, featured my aerial photography of the Mojave Desert. With Crow-Tone productions, I recently finished working on the short documentary, The Twelve-FootTall Rabbits of Rokeby Farm, featured in the 15th Annual Woodstock Film Festival in 2014. Living at the Lace Mill has made a huge impact on my life, socially, creatively, physically and economically and it’s just the beginning! I am surrounded by like-minded, creative and friendly people.”

Rubi Rose picture of baby Tractor picture by Rubi Rose

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