HCV Program office, Greene County,GC Housing Choice Voucher Program Services suspended between December 24 and January 1; Office reopens on Monday, January 4, 2015

Hudson Valley affordable housing innovator, RUPCO, looks forward to serving its rental assistance clients in Greene County even better. The housing agency is moving one of its smaller offices — 8 Lower Thompson Street, Catskill – to a new location at 408 Main Street, Catskill, effective January 4, 2015.

“We’ll be able to better accommodate visitors in our new waiting room,” notes Vanessa Secore, RUPCO’s Director of Rental Assistance. “We’ve built a dedicated conference room providing more privacy for confidential meetings. This is a much-needed move for the RUPCO team, especially as we expand our services here in Greene County.”

RUPCO currently administers 262 Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) through its rental assistance program in Greene County; the nonprofit serves another 1697 renting households in Ulster County through the same program. The HCV Program provides rental support for families who earn at or below 50% of the Area Median Income; in Greene County, a family of four earning $30,350 or below would qualify. The Housing Choice Voucher Program, also known as Section 8, is a New York State Homes & Community Renewal program for rental housing assistance.

RUPCO began renovations at the 408 Main Street location several weeks ago. “It will take us a full week to pack up, move, unpack and get phones switched over,” adds Secore. “Our address is changing. Phone and fax numbers stay the same. The office will be fully operational Monday, January 4th. If clients need assistance, we encourage them to stop in the office after the 4th, not during our move week between December 24 and January 3. We won’t be able to access files to answer client questions and our phones will be offline until December 31.”

“The NYS HCR Housing Choice Voucher Program is a collaborative process between renters, landlords and public housing agencies like RUPCO,” adds Secore. “It’s all about making housing affordable to our most vulnerable and fragile populations. One third of all vouchers are shared with seniors, another third goes to those who are disable. Both populations live on limited, fixed incomes. Small increases in rent can make or break a tenant’s ability to live in a safe, affordable home. Thanks to those landlords willing to step forward and participate in the program, we can create a win-win-win situation for all those involved. We’re fortunate in Greene and Ulster Counties; HCR recognizes our commitment. When available, we’re seeing additional vouchers to us that we can pass along to those in need. In addition to the 262 households in the Program, the Greene County HCV Wait List currently holds 400 additional families in need. ”

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