headshot of Samantha Harris“I’m interested in many different art forms–I act, draw, write, sculpt, sew, make jewelry and other crafts, crochet, am apt in digital media art forms, and enjoy mixed media projects.

What I’m known for best is my amigurumi (crocheted stuffed toys) work, in particular my mermaids. I’m heavily influenced and inspired by Asian pop culture, anime, science fiction/fantasy, marine life, space, occult sciences, and, of course, whatever happens to be going on in my life. I’m currently working on a science fiction novel and conceptualizing a “multiracial fashion line” inspired by the various ethnicities that make up my ancestry. To me, art is not an option but a necessity, helping me cope with many difficult things in my life, understanding myself and others, and appreciating the world around me. I truly value the power of art and its ability to heal people; look at any thriving place in the world, artists are the heart and soul of it all.”

horse knit dollsmermaid knit doll

Samantha Harris knit hello kitty

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