Finlay's depiction of a child“I am involved in many artistic endeavors such as Performing, Painting, and Print making. I have a MFA in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute and a BFA from the University of Arkansas in Painting. I have a background in Waldolf Education in teaching my art to students of many ages of the rainbow! My work is mostly paintings in acrylic on board or canvas and watercolors on paper. I have shown in many avenues from restaurants, libraries, cafes, stores, doctor offices, and galleries. My performances have appeared in many parks from San Francisco Bay Area to Central Park in New York City, also in clubs, and theaters.

This series is about the souls seen in the children who live in my neighborhood. Not all children are included, not on purpose, just as I saw them come and go.”

Sasha Finlay is an artist currently resising in the Woodstock Commons. Finlay’s artwork is “based around the human soul and how we interact with it.” This directly coincides with Finlay’s personal artist philosophy, which is “discovering the human soul”

Finlay’s artwork is also on display at White Griffin, Woodstock, NY or her website's Half-page-flyer


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