Hudson Valley Communities Partner With RUPCO

RUPCO’s Green Jobs Green New York Team (GJGNY) has been, and is always, on the move! And thanks to them, hundreds of homes in the region are now safer, cleaner and less costly to heat and cool than they were a year ago. Their most recent effort has been a systemized energy efficiency outreach approach to municipalities of the Hudson Valley. Outreach began in February when energy coach Michael D’Arcy sent 53 Partnership Pact proposals to municipalities in the area. The Partnership Pact aims to establish collaboration, training, and education initiatives with RUPCO, to reduce overall energy consumption and save homeowners money with residential energy efficiency policies and programs.

Following the initial packages sent to each community, 16 presentations were given at town, village, or council meetings. D’Arcy proposed partnerships in which RUPCO’s role will be to help community members identify opportunities and resources through an appointed Municipal Liaison to Green Jobs Green New York. Together, the GJGNY staff and the Municipal liaison will help people access and benefit from energy efficiency programs through NYSERDA. So far results have been promising. The GJGNY team has had 10 resolutions passed in various Hudson Valley communities and will be continuing outreach and follow up.

RUPCO is a constituency-based organization (CBO) within the GJGNY program, whose goal is to make it easier for New Yorkers to participate in energy efficiency programs offered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). As lead CBO for the Mid-Hudson Region, RUPCO’s GJGNY team delivers effective residential energy efficiency programs from NYSERDA to provide New Yorkers with access to energy audits, installation services, low-cost financing and pathways to training for various green-collar careers. They deliver services in targeted communities and encourage individuals to take advantage of clean energy training opportunities.