FULL TIME Position
8:30am to 4:30pm – Monday through Friday

The Homeownership Center Customer Service Coordinator responsibilities include reception, customer intake, managing communications through the on-line application portal, and coordination and clerical support for the homeownership department.

Position Responsibilities:
1. Greeting visitors and clients by phone or at the front desk and assisting clients with overview information.
2. Providing clerical support for HOC staff.
3. Spanish Translation both written and verbal when needed.
4. Data entry into RUPCO’s client database management systems.
5. Responsible to handle yearly re-certifications and other program related follow up correspondence for programs.
6. Support for initial intakes and basic file preparation, maintenance, and archiving.
7. Responsible for maintenance requests on office equipment and ordering office supplies
8. Responsible to assist department supervisor(s) with clerical support.

Required Knowledge, Skills, Education and Experience:
Bi-lingual – fluent in speaking both English and Spanish.
Ability to translate documents into Spanish/English.
Able to communicate effectively.
Must have excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work with diverse groups.
Computer literacy and prior clerical experience is required.

Please submit notice of interest for this position to Sandy Altomare saltomare@rupco.org or Faith Moore faithmoore@ocrdac.org 

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