RUPCO has provided a large number of coaching programs over the years from energy coach to foreclosure counseling, now we are excited to offer our services as financial coach. Through our Home Ownership Center, you will with work with a RUPCO staff member to help guide and advice you on a wide range of financial management topics.  Now, while you may feel you have a strong financial knowledge, perhaps you feel your aren’t quite so savvy as you could be. Our financial coaching sessions are suitable for any age group. Our topic will touch on things like:

  1. Owning a home
  2. Credit 101
  3. Student Loans
  4. Debt Collection
  5. Fraud

You have some important decisions to make when you start earning and saving money. You probably have excess cash, or maybe you keep blowing your budget. You might want professional advice on budgeting and investing, buying a car, managing your mortgage payments or even the decision on whether to build or buy.

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