February 19, 2019

At SUNY Orange’s Kaplan Hall, a unique collaboration of nonprofits, lenders, elected officials, and veterans’ organizations met to discuss available funding for disabled veterans. With the help of one of Senator Larkin’s last acts in office and New York State Homes and Community Renewal, Orange County Rural Development Advisory Corporation (RDAC) was aw

arded $300,000. These allocated funds allow disabled veterans to remain housed, avoid premature institutionalization, and/or return home from an institution.

“This grant opportunity is giving our heroes, over 22,000 in Orange County, a sense of security and stability in their homes by making them accessible to their needs,” stated RDAC Executive Director, Faith Moore. “Recipients of this grant

funding can earn up to 120% Area Median Income and their disability does not have to be service related, allowing for a larger pool of applicants who may be in need.

“It is very important that we get the word out to the Orange County veterans community right now,” said Senator Bill Larkin. “We have no time to waste as this money must be spent by June this year. Disabled veterans all over Orange County who are in desperate need of improvements at home should have an opportunity to take advantage of this av

ailable funding. It is up to us as leaders of the veterans community to help RDAC get this much needed support to our veterans.”

For more information, contact RDAC Executive Director, Faith Moore (845) 713-4568 ext. 110.