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Our Core Values and Core Competencies

We create housing choice – We have an unparalleled commitment to creating quality, affordable housing and making it accessible to everyone. By expanding access to homes, we help individuals, families and communities create the stability they need to thrive.

Better lives – We educate, counsel and provide opportunity for people to manage their resources to improve their living standards.

We value improved communities – We create stronger and safer communities for all through the development, improvement, preservation and addition of housing and business opportunities throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley region.

Housing the people of the Hudson Valley remains our top priority  –  The depth and breadth of RUPCO’s programs reflect our mission to impact and transform communities as a whole. We identify and anticipate the changing needs of the communities we serve and adapt programs, services and available funding whenever possible. Creating solid, sustainable housing leads to stronger and safer communities of opportunity. Quality housing opportunities for people at all income levels is critical to business and economic development in the region, and we intend to be transformative in communities rather than transform communities as a whole.