The Red Hook Gateway Project

May 29, 2024


The Red Hook Gateway Project

The Red Hook Gateway Project represents a significant step forward in RUPCO’s mission to cultivate vibrant, inclusive communities. With a vision centered around mixed-income and mixed-use development, the project aims to transform the landscape of the Village of Red Hook while preserving its agricultural heritage.

The development will conserve 97 acres of farmland while transforming 12 acres into a hub of affordable housing, commercial space, and job opportunities. The development plan includes the creation of up to 40 cutting-edge, energy-efficient homes designed to meet passive housing standards, significantly reducing carbon footprints and enhancing the quality of life for future residents. Among these homes will be 20 affordable one- and two-bedroom rental apartments with a workforce preference as well as 20 single-family homes available for purchase by low-moderate first-time homebuyers earning up to 80 – 100% AMI.

Furthermore, the project presents an exciting opportunity to repurpose an existing barn structure, reflecting Red Hook’s thriving agribusiness, agritourism, and restaurant industry. This adaptive reuse initiative aims to generate jobs and stimulate economic activity in the area, while adjacent farmland will be made available at an affordable price to uphold the town’s rich tradition of agriculture.

The Red Hook Gateway Project is a collaborative effort involving RUPCO, The Town and Village of Red Hook, Scenic Hudson, and the Dutchess County Land Conservancy