RUPCO Secures $3M for Red Hook Housing Development

July 1, 2024

KINGSTON, NY —RUPCO, a leading nonprofit organization dedicated to creating homes, supporting people, and improving communities across the Hudson Valley, secured a $3.465 million funding award from the Empire State Development Mid-Hudson Momentum Fund. This funding will play a pivotal role in addressing critical infrastructure expenses needed for the agency’s Red Hook Gateway Project.

The Red Hook Gateway Project represents a significant step forward in RUPCO’s mission to cultivate vibrant, inclusive communities. With a vision centered around mixed-income and mixed-use development, the project aims to transform the landscape of the Village of Red Hook while preserving its agricultural heritage.

The development will conserve 97 acres of farmland while transforming 12 acres into a hub of affordable housing, commercial space, and job opportunities. The development plan includes the creation of up to 40 cutting-edge, energy-efficient homes designed to meet passive housing standards, significantly reducing carbon footprints and enhancing the quality of life for future residents. Among these homes will be 20 affordable one- and two-bedroom rental apartments with a workforce preference as well as 20 single-family homes available for purchase by low-moderate first-time homebuyers earning up to 80 – 100% AMI.

Furthermore, the project presents an exciting opportunity to repurpose an existing barn structure, reflecting Red Hook’s thriving agribusiness, agritourism, and restaurant industry. This adaptive reuse initiative aims to generate jobs and stimulate economic activity in the area, while adjacent farmland will be made available at an affordable price to uphold the town’s rich tradition of agriculture.

The Red Hook Gateway Project is a collaborative effort involving RUPCO, The Town and Village of Red Hook, Scenic Hudson, and the Dutchess County Land Conservancy. “In addition, the development is the first to come out of the work of the Hudson Valley Alliance for Housing & Conservation, a collaboration among 14 not-for-profit affordable housing organizations and land trusts working together to conserve critical landscapes, respond to the region’s housing crisis, and address the challenge of climate change.

“We are thrilled to receive this funding award from the Empire State Development Mid-Hudson Momentum Fund, which marks a significant milestone for our vision for the Red Hook Gateway Project,” said Kevin O’Connor, CEO of RUPCO. “This support will enable us to advance our mission of creating homes, supporting people, and improving communities by providing much-needed affordable housing and preserving our region’s agricultural heritage. We are grateful to Governor Hochul and Empire State Development for their vision and commitment to addressing our housing challenges through innovative partnerships.”

“The Town of Red Hook is enormously grateful to the Governor, who with determination and skill has managed to put together the necessary tools to address the hurdles of creating affordable and dynamic projects,” said Robert McKeon,  Town of Red Hook Supervisor. “The Mid-Hudson Momentum Fund is both timely and targeted. We are pleased to have the opportunity to continue to work with our partners to make this visionary project a reality.  So many of our generational families that volunteer in our community are looking to the future and wondering how they can live, work and play in their hometown. The Red Hook Gateway will be a wonderful option.”

“Like many other areas in the Hudson Valley, the Village of Red Hook is desperate for more housing, especially affordable housing so that young people can buy a house and stay here or seniors can move out of their homes into an affordable apartment which frees up their home for the next family,” said Karen Smythe, Mayor of Red Hook.  “We are grateful to NYS and the Momentum Fund. And we couldn’t be more excited to work with RUPCO on this project.”

We applaud Governor Hochul and Empire State Development for awarding this critical funding to RUPCO”, said Seth McKee, Executive Director of The Scenic Hudson Land Trust. “This innovative project demonstrates how land conservation and the creation of affordable housing can work together to create lasting community benefits. Scenic Hudson is proud to partner with RUPCO, the Town and Village of Red Hook, and the Dutchess Land Conservancy to support the conservation of critical farmland and creation of affordable housing.”

“Kudos to RUPCO and the town of Red Hook, and thank you to Governor Hochul for making this wonderful investment to enable the construction of sorely needed affordable housing,” said Rebecca Gillman Crimmins and Steve Rosenberg, Co-convenors, Hudson Valley Alliance for Housing & Conservation.  “The innovative collaboration between RUPCO, the town and village of Red Hook, Scenic Hudson and Dutchess Land Conservancy to build these homes and protect 100 acres of farmland can be a model for other communities. The 14 organizations in the Hudson Valley Alliance for Housing & Conservation, including these groups, are demonstrating that the solutions to housing affordability and the climate crisis are strongly aligned and that we can achieve more by working together.”

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Empire State Development Mid-Hudson Momentum Fund
The Mid-Hudson Momentum Fund builds on Governor Hochul’s commitment to increasing the housing supply across New York State. As part of the FY 2025 Budget, the Governor secured a transformative package of programs and initiatives to address the state’s housing crisis, including incentives to create affordable housing statewide; tools for New York City to generate more housing; the creation of a $500 million fund to build up to 15,000 new homes on state land; and authority to strengthen the state’s Pro-Housing Communities Program. The Budget also includes historic protections for tenants and homeowners, including anti-price-gouging measures and eviction protections for renters and new enforcement and preventative measures to combat deed theft, as well as more than $600 million in capital funding to support housing statewide.